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(E Rutherford) new Park & Orchard

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NY Times gave it a Very Good. As with Elisa Ung's review, the poor training of the staff detracted from a generally superb meal. The picture with the article shows a completely different looking room than the old high school cafeteria that used to be there.


(My real question - where did all the great wine go? There were 1700 different labels on the old list, there are 80 some now. Is Buddy at home, drinking it?)



What We Liked Parmesan biscuits, burrata appetizer, fried oyster sandwich, Cacio e pepe pasta, five-mushroom Bolognese, Southern fried chicken, chocolate soufflé, brownie hot fudge sundae and cheesecake with blueberry-fennel jam.


This should be Marisa Rothkopf Bates' last review for the weekend section.



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Park and Orchard temporarily closed?
According to a story at Boozy Burbs...Park and Orchard has closed for the month of January. It is announced on the restaurant's website as well.
More concerning -- a message on their voicemail stated that they currently could not take reservations and that they would be reopening at the end of the month.
All of this after they just reopened last April with new owners. The story notes that the opening chef, Christopher Albrecht has left -- but this temporary closing seems to have happened very quickly as an expanded Sunday brunch was just announced to kick in as soon as next week. In short, very odd and unexpected apparently.
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I didn't see that posting Paul, although I am not a facebook guy, LOL.


Whatever it is -- it doesn't sound promising. New/enhanced menu, being kicked off next week, and next thing you know they close, for the entire month.


The owner -- "the investor" -- seems to be well known, having been involved in the purchase of the Saddle River Inn. I don't know the details, however he seems to play the game at a high level and knows the business.

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Below is the latest update from nj.com.


UPDATE: Original owner Ken Gebhardt tells NJ.com on Monday that he and his brother Buddy plan to put the business back on the market, and says they have already heard from more than a dozen interested parties, mostly established restaurateurs looking to take over the space: "Hopefully the next person will be as lucky as we were."

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Back on the market? They got it back? I wonder how, why, etc.


Thanks for the heads up.

They never gave up ownership of the place. They just sold the name & liquor license.



That part I understand -- they sold "the business" -- that being the name, liquor license, etc. The new operators opened, ran it, etc. -- right?


However, somehow, they got it back -- took the place back, whatever you want to call it. So, they are now looking to "sell" it again. That is what I was questioning. So, what happened here? Thanks.

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