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I ate here a few weeks ago. I loved it, which is pretty predictable if you look at where I've eaten in the last few years.


the menus we got were different than the ones they had when orik and sneak ate here, you no longer get to choose two first courses and they had rearranged things so that the first courses are all cold and the second courses are all hot. one thing that makes the menu confusing is the two sections of supplements, as is probably obvious to most people the place on the menu reflects where they'll appear in your meal.


I liked almost everything that we had, with the weakest dishes being the paneer and the chicken sheesh with korma I got for my main. the chicken dish, which is off the menu, had a great sauce but the meat was surprisingly dry. the sea bass dish and the lamb supplement, which is basically a discounted extra course, were probably my favorites.


the other change is the bread supplements are bigger than one bite now, the butter chicken kulcha we had was very, very good but probably the richest thing I've eaten in years.


the beer list is awful, which is frustrating because hoppy beer would actually go well with some of the food. the slovenian wine that sneakeater recommended was better than beer anyways, and a terrific pairing with the spicy food.

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Every time I eat here just emphasizes to me what an excellent restaurant this is.   A word to the wise: have the soft-shell crab while it's here.   Also, I have to say that the pulled jackfruit

I mean, who wouldn't want to talk about something as hilarious as sending a patron trying to get to the bathroom back to his table for a birthday presentation?

Very nice meal here last night. The 2 course is no longer an option, perhaps they have made the portions smaller. 4 courses was satisfying but not at all gut-busting. The first course is no longer a choice of 2 items, you get one.


The food and service, to echo everyone before, was very good. The somm is ex-Juni, though we didn't take much advantage and just ordered a Prum because well, why wouldn't one order Prum. The only oddity was a long wait between the first few courses while the last two came quickly. We were comped (no idea if everyone gets this) and extra appetizer course with peas and crispy rice that was excellent.

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Yes, we had this discussion on some other thread re. Chambo's LED woes. I think at 120 Hz it has to more with the perception of things not moving quite correctly when you shift your gaze, but sure.

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Had dinner here with Jesikka last night.


Meal started with the best kind of service glitch – they served an amuse twice on accident. (Not the pumpkin soup, a little thing of peas)


We shared the potato sphere chaat, the sweet potato shakarkandi; the soft paneer and the sweet pickle ribs; the tamarind sea bass and the dal gosht, with a comped order of the butter chicken kulcha; and the doda barfi treacle tart and the crispy seviyan with rice pudding.


To me, the most noteworthy dishes were the sweet pickle ribs, the fish (as noted earlier), and the comped chicken kulcha.


The ribs were just delicious – nicely pickled, a good portion, just a well-tuned mix of meaty, sweet, and acidic.


The fish was really exciting, in that I think it really shows how this sort of food can be so good. It came with what was listed as "kerala moilee", but served much more as a sauce to a separate fish element than as a curry. Contra what Adrian talks about in the Mexico City thread, this had the effect of meaningfully improving the dish – the flavor and texture contrasts in the fish, the moilee sauce, the herb barley, and the crust... like, that they were there from the different elements having (presumably) been cooked separately just made this a stronger and more interesting dish that had more complexity and more things going on, versus if everything were cooked together.


And that butter chicken kulcha just was, like... immediate easy contrast for how good things were technically.


Ends up at something like... the food's at I think a higher level technically than what I've had at e.g. Tulsi, and for that the flavors end up being more complex and interesting. It's a damn good restaurant. The to extent things are fancified, I think that has been for the better.

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