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Russ and Daughters Cafe

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it's a cultural slur and now it's a sandwich.. I get it, i just don't like it. It's not that cute or smart.

Chinaman isn't as much offensive as just inappropriate (to me). Just like Jap--not so much offensive as inappropriate. Flip is not offensive to me, but is rather cute. Chink, gook, slanty-eyes...those are offensive. I imagine Jewish people feel about "heeb" the way I feel about chink, gook, and slanty-eyes.


I wonder, though, for those who are deeply offended by any of the above words, are we offended because we have experienced having those words lobbed at us in a derogatory manner? If they had never been laden with hatred, they would just be words. I don't recall ever being called a flip as an insult, and I think that's at least in part why I don't mind being called one. But at least one person I know through a couple of boards would find the word insulting, but from what I know of him, he's spent much of his life being ashamed of being (and pretending he's not) one.

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You'd understand if you were a heeb.


The heebs give me the heebie-jeebies. We gotta get rid of these people. All of them. They control the world.


We toss them out of our country and then we build a wall. A big beautiful wall. A tall wall. Really tall.



If they had never been laden with hatred, they would just be words.


Flip, you hit the nail on the head !


Observe love in action ...



As a Chinese immigrant, I still don't understand why "Chinaman" is a slur.


What if I called you China Girl, Chinaman ?


How would you feel about that ?


And remember .. Moi, R-tiste !



I hear your heart beating loud as thunder !



I stumble in town just like a sacred cow (explain that to them, Mongo)


Visions of swasticas in my head (any Nazis out there who could help elucidate the common folk ? )


Plans for everyone



My little China girl


You shouldn't mess with me


I'll ruin everything you are


I'll give you television


I'll give you eyes of blue


I'll give you man who wants to rule the world !



Oh baby just you shut your mouth



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For some reason, Daniel and I seem to be following each other around. For lunch on Tuesday, this was our appetizer plate - so delicious, as he said.


Then I had matzo ball soup, which was also quite good, followed by the Yom Kippered platter with shissel rye.


What a great place.

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All the talk about Hair of the Dog reminds me that I went here for the first time recently.


I was expecting the worst, so I was very pleasantly surprised.


First, the cocktails are actually good. And kind of witty. I had a Boulevardier variation called The Schmoozer (you can see what they're doing). I've been fucking around for years with combining rye and aquavit in cocktails (get it?) -- but they nailed it.


Second, while the food is expensive, at least you know it's made with the best appetizing in the world. It's a pity that they won't sell you a standard bagel-with-fish, but rather only expensive and suspicion-raising "platters". But if you forego the bagel-and-fish route, you can make a decent mid-day meal out of the so-called "snacks". I had half a toasted bagel with a smoked whitefish/kippered salmon salad that was quite good (although Stone wouldn't have like it). And some kasha varnishkas with a poached egg that were rather heavenly.


It bears emphasis that the fish salad was NOT something they sell at the store, as far as I know: this was a dish composed for this café.


I also must recommend the housemade Concord grape soda.


So the Russ & Daughters Café is spectacularly great or anything, but in no way the must to avoid you might expect. Rather, quite good.

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