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They are at Home depot:   A "heads up" for you all who may be regular Home Depot customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get suppli

Arrived at 7:00 pm Friday 3/11/16. Opened the day before. A beautiful space and very accommodating staff. We shared the first two courses. My wife had sautéed chicken livers, hummus & mâche, I h

We ended getting the chicken liver salad and the poached egg with cockscomb and offal in it. So I thought we were covered. In addition, The way the waiter described the offal platter, as 5 bites of

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So, yeah, wow.. This is a really interesting place. It was a very interesting night.. My first impression was, it was super strange.. We walked in with a reservation, there was no hostess.. We stood for three minutes like shmucks.. we then met the first person who was not the hostess but, like the first person you meet.. you are then ushered to a hostess.. she is not the nice, not that expressive.. "your table will be ready closer to your reservation time" ok, so we have 11 minutes...


we sit at the bar and order two martinis and a water for the munchkin. actually, i get a martini, miss a gets a vodka up with onions.. i ask for olives..there are some people at the bar but, because of jackets and pocket books and people being territorial dicks, there is no room.. I kindly ask a two people on either side to move their belongings and boom, there are seats for three people..


As we were sitting there, i notice the room open up once we get passed this awkward initial hallway.. i have not yet seen the entire room but, feel like the space would be much better if they could somehow manage to fit the kitchen in the opening space.. Little did I know, the place has two of these narrow weird spaces where one of them holds the service kitchen,.,.


We sat at the counter,which is the exact same size as the weird entrance.. the place is like a horseshoe.. after the initial wierd beginning, we are seated at the counter in full view of the kitchen.... there is a steam oven, then two mirror stations, two fryers, two french cook tops, two induction burners, then like a whole bunch of ovens running underneath the counter tops, and two beautiful looking rotisseries... It looks awesome.



We peruse the menu.. Miss A checked the wine list.. she was impressed.. she ordered a fancy bottle. it was a montrache; pouilly fuisse.t we went big.. though, she had mentioned there were nine dollar glasses that looked good too..


The egg dishes appealed to me.. I ordered the first three: This was right up Miss K's alley.. She loves eggs.. She wanted two dishes off the egg section too.. So, i figured, why not.. She loves deviled eggs.. This came with tuna and I don't know what else.. She literally ate two and a half before i even looked over.. I tried it, the tuna was from a dark loin.. it's not my thing but, it went beautifully with the wine.. Which they poured her.. We are now of the belief that if they ask how many glasses, we always say three.. I know there were croutons and other things but, this was the least exciting egg dish of the three



here is the slow cooked egg... it was a beautiful dish.. the sauce was amazing.. it tasted almost like something was probiotic.. almost yogurt like but, it was the foamy chicken broth mixed with vinegar.. therer was also chantrelles.. it was beautiful..


even with the bernardaud:



only issue, egg was over cooked: disappointing but, did not kill the dish




the last dish reminded me more of a class preparation of a pigs trotter than an egg.. you know the one with the caul fat wrapped gooey foot parts are breaded and fried and served with a salad.. that's what this was.. except it was all chicken.. it was super rich.. beautiful and delicious but, the portion was huge and even with the three of us splitting it, we did not finish.. if only there was a fourth person..



missing photo


Leeks in bernaise.. this was another dish that was off the hook.. those damn french and their sexy sauces... firstly the leeks were split and cooked perfectly.. then roll up perfectly and served cold over a fantastic sauce... the leeks almost tasted like artichokes.. we saved this on our table for when the fries arrived.. pro tip, maybe ask for a side of this sauce when the fries arrive, or perhaps, order this to arrive when the fries do..



we also ordered the chicken liver salads.. luckily, we also ordered a bottle of red.. to me it was too much like beaujolais nouveau but, Miss A said i was wrong.. i was not wrong, it was too fruity..


but this liver salad was fantastic.. the chicken livers tasted super earthy and barnyard like.. Miss K went nuts.. Miss A said the livers were too cooked.. i said the kitchen is European. its there thing.. i would say it was medium.. it had a nice char and they were delicious.. would drink with a better wine next time.. more terroir




which brings us to the "star" of the show.. A hundred dollar chicken that serves 4.. it's a lot to accept.. they rotisserie it, then put it in an oven, then a steam oven, then finally a salamander.. the chicken arrived beautiful looking.. it was medium to pink which i love.. there was a beautiful demi glace served with it on the side.. The chicken was sturdy and earthy and one could tell it was a beautiful fucking bird.. All that said, the experience was just ok.. Miss A turned to me and was like, i like your Perdue Game Hen better than this.. I like all of your chicens better than this.. The skin was not crisp.. The meat while good was just dense chicken meat.. Yes, the bird was of excellent quality.. But, that doesn't mean it's the best chicken available..


Seriously, out of everything we ate, the chicken was the least enjoyable.. one could have a beautiful meal here and not need to eat one of these whole roasted birds.. i also think the entire processs of the multiple cooking and the carving and the warming.. well, it all lead to confusion in the texture and flavor.. not to mention, it could have used a marinade or a brine and a rub.. there was a slight garlic taste but, whatever.. When i hear amazing chicken, i am thinking a sexy, luxuriuous experience.. it was kind of like waspy missionary country club fornication. seriously, give me a pollo a la brasa in Elizabeth NJ any day of the week.



and though, cooked well.. it wasn't like super juicy and falling apart.. it was kind of like a fat skinny person.. it was pink but, dry, pink but, tough.. i don't know, not for me.. though, i wouldnt mind taking one of the raw birds back to my house.. Miss K turned to me before i even got to try the bird and said "yeh, yours is much better" and i promise, my 16 year old daughter is not one to start handing out compliments to make me feel better..


back on track,. desserts were ridiculous.. the floating island.. holy crap.. like, incredible.. the creme angliase reminded me of a panna cotta without gelatin.. it was so rich and so thick and so creamy.. with little bits of crunchy toasted sugared almond.. it's ridiuclous.. this a couple of egg dishes and a salad.. fantastic.





also a baba rhum.. miss a always orders this.. i never like it.. we both agreed, it was the best balanced, least offensive version.. delicious no doubt..


Too summarize.. it's refreshing to have a classic french place that is approachable.. they killed it on the sauces, killed it on the eggs, the chicken is a waste of money.. it almost reminded me of a le aterlier robouchon in the wood and glass and just how refined and casual... its a great place and i cant wait to go back.. i will not be getting the whole chicken but, it's great that, that chicken is used for the base of all their sauces and offal and just the spirit of the place..


great meal, even with the mistakes..

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A: there are some people at the bar but, because of jackets and pocket books and people being territorial dicks, there is no room.. I kindly ask a two people on either side to move their belongings and boom, there are seats for three people..


B: Which they poured her.. We are now of the belief that if they ask how many glasses, we always say three...


A: Pet peeve (well, one of them; almost as bad as pocketbooks on the bar) - but I just immediately size up the situation and find out if people are "using" those seats. I'm probably not as kind as you, Daniel - I wonder if people realize those seats cost money, and when unused by a person's ass, cost the restaurant revenue.


B: This always used to happen with us at Lupa, when we would bring a niece or nephew or other person not yet of age, and certainly not looking of age.


We really like this place, but have yet to order a whole bird. Have had great luck with other preps.


I can't believe you didn't get the offal platter, though undoubtedly you would've been pissed at the size.

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We ended getting the chicken liver salad and the poached egg with cockscomb and offal in it. So I thought we were covered. In addition, The way the waiter described the offal platter, as 5 bites of 5 different things, it didn't sound fun to split among three people. I am still interested, just will wait till next time I'm with Miss A

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For spring, they now had a sorrel velouté that is dynamite. Not a big portion, but so intense a little is quite enough. It comes with a "chicken ball" (quit snickering, Sneak) that tasted like lightly spiced poached chicken mousse, a lovely light and fluffy texture, and a garnish of incredibly flavorful micro greens. The tartness of the sorrel and the spice/greenness worked beautifully together.


We also had the oeuf en meurette, which is really just coq au vin rouge before the chicken hatches. So rich, so mushroomy, so oniony, so bacon-y (but not overly smokey), the egg was almost lost. But that was okay with Paul, who isn't much a fan of poached eggs.


We got the duck this time: Gustave Mallard.* Turns out you get the entire breast and the two wings, but not the thighs and legs. Not that we went hungry. But it was a little disappointing to not get it all. We still brought some home, including the excellent jus, so I will make a little stock with the wings and keelbone, and something or other with the remaining meat.


We shared one dessert, which was quite enough: a Meyer lemon soufflé with ginger ice cream and mojito granita. I though the granita was gratuitous (though undeniably tasty), but the soufflé and ice cream were superb.


To drink, a 2013 Saint-Joseph (100% syrah) that started out a bit tannic for me but opened up quite nicely. We brought half of it home, although at only 12.5% it would have been okay to finish it. Even if I did start with a Rico Old Fashioned (which the bartender said was the least sweet of the cocktails; it was still a bit too sweet for me, but spicy enough to make me not mind so much.)



*If they served a bird that honks, we'd go back to have Goose Mahler. As it is, Paul would like to go back again. Score!

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