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Le Coq Rico

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Welcome, to Mouthfuls, Mr R̶o̶z̶ RBI! And as always, thank you for the lovely photos, Roz.


I for one am flattered to be considered a candidate for Sneak's work-wife on MouthfulsFood.com. :cool:

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They are at Home depot:   A "heads up" for you all who may be regular Home Depot customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get suppli

Arrived at 7:00 pm Friday 3/11/16. Opened the day before. A beautiful space and very accommodating staff. We shared the first two courses. My wife had sautéed chicken livers, hummus & mâche, I h

We ended getting the chicken liver salad and the poached egg with cockscomb and offal in it. So I thought we were covered. In addition, The way the waiter described the offal platter, as 5 bites of

Chicken livers and hummus sound great...how were they seasoned,if distinct ?...Must make at home...


As I said, an inspired combo. I honestly don't know if the livers were seasoned in any particular way. The hummus was more delicious than any other I've had. Maybe they cook the chickpeas in some special way? Or add something unusual to the mixture? There was also a delectable light sauce on the plate.

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Was there last night. Chicken veloute and poultry consommé both pleased although the pasta part of the liver stuffed raviolo afloat in the exquisite consommé was undercooked. Quarter chicken and Guinea fowl breast stuffed with finely minced pigs feet (and a bit of black truffle about it) very very good. The sauerkraut and silken potato purée served with the fowl were delicious. Good bread and butter. Excellent cocktails. FOH extremely charming and cordial but service was in the weeds. They couldn't keep who got what straight, we had to beg for a wine list several times, I was served my main but no fork with which to eat it. A nice gesture: we ordered a white wine and the sommelier decided it wasn't chilled sufficiently--he was right---and sent us generous pours of a very nice champagne. I was with a friend I hadn't seen in almost a year and we spent over two hours catching up and never felt rushed even though the joint was jumping. We had a marvelous time despite being seated at absolutely the worst table in the place, one of a series of high tables in a sort of hallway between the bar and dining room. We were directly opposite the screen where orders are input which had an almost continual cluster of servers at it which narrowed the space so that we had a constant stream of servers, busboys and patrons squeezing past us and often bumping our chairs. It is a table that should not exist and if you are offered it I'd refuse.

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Taking Daisy's advice, even though we were offered the aforementioned table as our table wasn't yet ready for our reservation, we waited a little longer and were seated in the dining room proper. The space has more seats than it appears to, as there's a large counter with service, as well as a bar and a dining room.


Service was, once again as Daisy mentioned, weeded - yet quite pleasant. As a matter of fact, while we waited at the bar, I ordered a bottle of wine, which we were overcharged $10 for. I pointed that out, and after a bit of fumfering, got a new bill with the correct charge...they were not able or willing to transfer the bottle to our dinner bill; kind of awkward, in my opinion, but maybe that will change.


On to the food. We started with the offal platter:




This is right in my wheelhouse, and I loved it, even with the smallest chicken wingettes I've ever seen. We also had

the artichokes barigoule, another dish that I thought was great...




Big, meaty artichoke heart and slices of sautéed guinea fowl. Our mains were that 1/4 chicken...




Served by a shaky runner. While the chicken was good, especially the leg/thigh and wing, the breast was a little dry, and overall, this bird

was no better than that Sasso bird I cooked at home recently.


Sig Eater had the Maine lobster and chicken fricassée, with puff pastry grissini, pronounced it outstanding (though she also felt the breast

meat used in the dish was a little dry), and I didn't get any to taste...mutter, mutter.


Dessert was an outstanding, huge L'lle Flottante (is that how you spell it, cause that's how it's spelled on the menu?)...




Overall, a really nice meal, and look forward to going back.


I actually don't know how fair it is to "review" this place without ordering one of the whole birds, but what the hell.


I'd also say we spent about $300, including that bottle of wine at the bar, and 2x $15 glasses with our mains.

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I wonder what their walk-in policy is like...plenty of counter/bar seats were available at 8 PM the Saturday night we went, but it was a few weeks ago.

i needed a reservation for 6, so walking in wasn't an option

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For what it's worth, the only recollection I have from my forgettable dinner at Buerehiesel in Strasbourg when it had three of those MIchelin stars was that my request for terrine of foie gras, to which I was really looking forward, was met with Westermann words, "We are sold out of it". Of all the meals I have had in similarly-rated restaurants in France, it is the only time this has happened. Nonetheless I am somewhat curious to try Le Coq Rico.

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