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They are at Home depot:   A "heads up" for you all who may be regular Home Depot customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get suppli

Arrived at 7:00 pm Friday 3/11/16. Opened the day before. A beautiful space and very accommodating staff. We shared the first two courses. My wife had sautéed chicken livers, hummus & mâche, I h

Well then, a double welcome to Mr. RBI! You have already demonstrated exquisite taste.   Definitely a place I'm interested in trying.   I just have one question: I noticed those numbers (110 day

Quick meal picked that day because of convenient location and a lovely surprise (despite the cookis smoking outside) - something to be said for going without big expectations. Loved the Rohan duck, my favorite dish of the night, although the poppy seed seared foie was a close second. The quarter chicken was good but no different from other great chickens we had. The artichoke salad was quite good. I'd love to go with a few more ppl to try some more of the whole birds and the terrine. So refreshing to have well executed classic French food.


Very good bread and butter too. I wish the wine list had some options with a bit more age though. The staff in the dining room was very nice, the bartender must have been new though as he had no idea about their signature negroni (including its existence, though printed on the menu, lol).


I liked the room, comfortable and very grownup for a change. Those tables between the bar and dining room did look dreadful though.

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Ah those tables. I was actually offered a couple of them before choosing a table at the banquette at the back of the room. Worth avoiding. I didn't realize until I was leaving that there's a long room with a dining counter parallel to the bar through which you enter. Could be good for singles/couples.


I liked the place very much. Westermann was there, and what a pleasant gentleman he is. Here's my take.

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The squab was outstanding. The menu (even online) seems to change almost daily. I had been looking forward to a guinea fowl/pig's foot dish. Last time I checked online it had become guinea fowl with a spice crust. When I got there, no guinea fowl among the composed plates. I think outside the whole birds and the eggs it's all a bit unpredictable.

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The squab was on the menu when I was there. I didn't order it only because I felt sort of obligated to try the chicken on my first visit.


I wonder if the menu changes regularly. When I was there, the main difference from the opening menu is that the guinea fowl dish was reconfigured to eliminate the trotters. I wonder if that's evidence of regular menu changes or of a polishing of the menu after opening to revert to the mean in order to appeal to the WIMP American palate.


ETA -- Now that I've reread Wilf's preceding post, I see that I'm wrong about the menu changes. Sorry.

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