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They are at Home depot:   A "heads up" for you all who may be regular Home Depot customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get suppli

Arrived at 7:00 pm Friday 3/11/16. Opened the day before. A beautiful space and very accommodating staff. We shared the first two courses. My wife had sautéed chicken livers, hummus & mâche, I h

Well then, a double welcome to Mr. RBI! You have already demonstrated exquisite taste.   Definitely a place I'm interested in trying.   I just have one question: I noticed those numbers (110 day

That squab really is something. Although Wilf, did you find the peas and carrots a bit pedestrian, despite the excellent jus they were sitting in?

Yes that's very fair, although my first reaction was being overwhelmed by the jus, eating it immediately after the oeufs en meurette which were bathed in a rich, bacony reduction.

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Very, very enjoyable dinner last night. Four people, $300 all in, so it was quite reasonable, esp. for such good food.


No cocktails. Maybe next time, as quite a few looked interesting. We shared a bottle of Trimbach Pinot Gris that worked very well with the meal. It was about 2.5 times retail $.


Two apps, the artichoke salad and duck rillettes. Artichokes were really good, although maybe as each of us took some, we could have been more careful about leaving enough for the others (the person at whom this is aimed won't be seeing this ;) ). The gizzards in the dish were tender and delicious, but the unexpected star was chunks of liver. Our server had said that apps were smallish, but I didn't find this lacking in quantity; splitting between two people would have made a big portion, among four, sufficient for experiencing the dish. The rillettes also was very good to share. We were all a little surprised that extra bread did not come with, but when we asked for more bread (good bread, too) we got plenty.


We considered the baeckeoffe (vegetables! potatoes!), but rotisserie won and we got a Brune Landaise, but no extra sides beyond the salad that comes with. Just as well: we wanted to have room for dessert. The chicken was excellent--all parts were juicy, with plenty of flavor. Big as the bird was, we managed to eat just about all of it, even hacking lots of meat off the carcass (which went home to be turned into stock). Loved the roasted garlic cloves that came with, just wish there had been more of them. For all its supposed reduction, the jus seemed a bit thin--but that didn't stop us all from practically slurping it up (well, pouring it directly onto some of that bread). The salad, with a sharp dressing and plenty of fresh chives, was a great contrast to the richness of the meat. I went in thinking I might lobby for the potato puree, but I'm glad I didn't; it would have been too much.


Especially because we ordered four(!) desserts. Well, one of them was just a single scoop of the Westermann Spice Blend ice cream. The others were the Floating Island (yeah, the menu has a typo), Rhubarb Soufflé (with vanilla ice cream), and Seasonal Fruit Salad (with pineapple sorbet)--which in this case really was seasonal; no berries from thousands of miles away. Pretty big portions, so not everything was finished. Not for lack of desire--every dessert was a winner, especially for not being overly sweet. Even the ice creams were barely sweetened, so the flavorings really came through. And the ocean of crème anglaise under the meringue of the floating island was especially addictive for not being cloying. I guess they assume that Americans tend to like their coffee before dessert, because the server stopped by to assure Paul that his was, in fact, in the works and would be there soon (as we were diving into the desserts). Worked out fine, since he wants it with, not before.


Our server was very French, very professional, and gave us good advice. We didn't always take it (no millefeuille), but when we did, we were glad. I had no issues with the service other than the bread thing, but that resolved very quickly.


Tables around us turned pretty quickly, which meant we got to see some of the other dishes. The chicken liver with hummus app looked very good--and copious--and the frites looked and smelled perfect. Macaroni au gratin would definitely be enough for two to share.


We agreed that the room was a bit too noisy, but otherwise pleasing. It's certainly lit well enough! The banquette was comfortable, the tables big enough for all the dishes. (Well, maybe they should use something bigger than bread plates when a table is sharing apps and desserts, but that wasn't a major problem.) Yeah, those three tables in the passageway are far from ideal; but just as they want to make full use of the whole birds, they want to make full revenue-generating use of the space. Not to excuse them, but I understand their reasoning.


Since chicken and duck are among my favorite foods, I can certainly see returning to get a plat du jour. Very ingenious dove-tailing there.

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Glad to finally hear a good report about that particular bird.




Uh, Michael and I had high praise for the rotisserie Brune Landaise when we started this thread. We've since been back to twice. At our second dinner there, we had the baeckeoffe. The BL in it was delicious as were the vegetables. During our lunch, we had the 90-Days Plymouth Bar Rock which was excellent. It was brought to our table whole before being taken back to be carved. Differed from when we had the rotisserie BL which was brought to us already carved.


Photos of our second dinner

Photos of our lunch


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nifty lunch here today! the service was very nice. the host noticed my companion's phone was low on battery and offered to charge it. cocktails to start. a mona darkfeather and a firefly rose. both delicious but we agreed the mona darkfeather was the better crafted cocktail. for apps the sautéed chicken livers and the asparagus velouté. the velouté was outrageously creamy all chickeny asparagus goodness with a "crispy chicken ball" floating in the center of the bowl. we went with the half brune landaise and a side of fries which were both perfectly cooked. the jus was to die for. the veggies in the salad were a bit tired, but neither of us were all that interested in the salad. went with the floating island and the fruit salad for dessert. the woman at the next table went nuts over the our floating island and begged her companion to have dessert just this once so that she could have one. i liked the idea of the fruit salad but it had kiwi in it so i didn't taste. the moroccan spices in the fruit salad certainly perfumed the table nicely. the coffee was crazy strong but good. the kitchen had no cream, only milk for the coffee and that was disappointing. i did take the little cake that comes with the fruit salad home for the Noodle, i think it's almond cake. they packed up the leftover chicken nicely and even included some jus. next time i will ask that they put the jus in a separate container. sadly, i lost some jus on the floor of the F train.


definitely heading back soon with a larger group, to try a whole bird or the baeckeoffe


also a nice recipe card telling what to do with leftover chicken carcass

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Thanks for the photos. That's what ours looked like, too (the items that overlapped, in any case). The fruit salad at our table was redder, iirc. I only had a taste, and think there was no kiwi. And yes, the spicing was terrific.

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