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Rail Paul

Tijuana - gateway to the world?

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The Wall Street Journal has an article on the stunning success of a privately funded bridge from the US to the terminal of Tijuana international airport. The paper reports that the 390 foot long span crosses the border in a glassed in tube, with US border control on one end, and Mexican passport control in the lobby of the airport on the other side.


The parking facility is on the US side, a new expansion is underway. The article says about 5,000 people use the facility on a busy day. The customers walk over the long lines from Mexico into the US at ground level. Only air travelers are permitted to use the skywalk.


Unlike San Diego, Tijuana's airport has any international flights, including direct service to Shanghai. And it has plenty of expansion opportunity, unlike the cramped downtown field 20 miles north. Most important, fares are much cheaper.


The bridge costs $12 to use. There are duty free shops, VIP access, and valet parking.



Airlines say the bridge is already sparking new travel. Volaris and Aeromexico are adding flights from Tijuana to attract Southern Californians. In May, Aeromexico will add flights to Cabo San Lucas and Chihuahua, advertising them in San Diego and Orange County, south of Los Angeles. The airline has set up exclusive parking for elite customers of SkyTeam, an international airline alliance, and a premium-customer lounge at the bridge facility. It is flying its new 787 Dreamliners between Tijuana and Mexico City to entice U.S. travelers.


“This project is changing the way people travel,” says Jorge Goytortua, Aeromexico’s senior vice president of global sales.


The CBX looks like an airport terminal and can only be used by air passengers.




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