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Slashdot Media? SourceForge Media?

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I received an email addressed to Dear Site User informing me that SourceForge Media LLC had purchased Slashdot Media and giving me the option of unsubscribing from any of their sites. The thing is, I have no way of knowing which sites I'm on are involved, and I don't want to unsubscribe from something I actually use. Is there a simple way I can find out which their sites are? (I'm assuming the email is legitimate, which could of course be wrong.) TIA

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I feel like SourceForge acquired Slashdot a long time ago? Jah, it looks like in 2000.


OK, now I'm confused. Well, I presume the LLC was created or renamed specifically for this acquisition.


I don't have a Slashdot account, but their FAQ suggests all subscriptions are controlled on the subscriptions page? There is also an email account: subscriptions@slashdot.org.

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