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Kings County Imperial

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I ate there once. I was mildly disappointed. It wasn't bad, but I think a place like this has to be really really good to have a reason to exist at all. And it just wasn't.

this is how I feel about stone park cafe. except we've gone more than once.
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I think we're all too afraid of the admins arbitrarily deciding that the discussion is political, then shutting it down.

I think it's more clueless than racist.   Or maybe just douchey.

Holy shit. I could make the case and I pretty much strongly feel that most European cuisine has roots in Chinese Cooking. Family style plates, noodles, cured meats, omelettes, pancakes, dumplings

I don't think it's excitingly offensive, either. It just reflects a douchey view of food and dining that I find contemptible.



I saw it yesterday on Eater and agree with that. I thought it was more ignorant rather than offensive. Ignorant in an embarrassing way. The Infatuation sets itself up as an authority but that review reveals that their tastes are really pretty narrow. I only read them occasionally but I honestly wasn't surprised.


A number of the comments on Eater were disappointing. The authors of the Infatuation aren't alone in their ignorance.

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The really stupid stuff came at the start of the review.


Eating Chinese food in this city is generally an exercise in extremism. You can get gross and roll around Chinatown or Flushing. You can go big and have yourself an out of body spice experience at Mission Chinese or Han Dynasty. Or you can overload on delivery, which prevents anything productive from happening the day after. It's rare you find a hip, cool, fun Chinese restaurant free of meat sweats and MSG. Kings County Imperial may not be traditional Chinese, but it officially serves our favorite Chinese in New York City.

Kings County Imperial is owned by a pair of non-Chinese Chinese food enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion for Chinese flavors with the world, even though they weren’t necessarily brought up with them. We’re glad they did. This is Chinese food that won’t put you in a coma afterwards - you could maybe even eat more than once in a single week.



Yes, there is a lot of bad Chinese food to be found in NYC. There's also a lot of very good food to be had. The fact that the Infatuation boys don't know this undermines their credibility.


Again, I see this less as racism (although there's a component here) and more as ignorance.

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The racism I have found is people basically saying, the Infatuation is for White Bro-dudes, so naturally, it's ok they are racist because, you know, most white males are racist..

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