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Good call - i've eaten a lot of egg white wraps with turkey bacon for breakfast, and turkey sandwiches at lunch time but never once thought to add turkey bacon to a turkey sandwich. Good news for you is that anyone ordering that sandwich will have been eating the same generically sourced turkey bacon that's available at any NY deli, so that's what they are expecting.

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i have been thinking about a turkey sandwich with turkey bacon... i dont think i have seen a turkey club with turkey bacon... obviously, i should be using ham bacon the same way, someone should be eating porchetta and not the turkey but, there are those types among us. We just had our Union Pork Store guys make a turkey for us and it's fan freaking tastic .. we are just selling it at the deli counter by the pound but, It really needs a sandwich..


Try blanching the turkey bacon for a minute and then cook it on the flat top. It should crisp up better. The blanching will help remove excess fat that keeps it from browning. I just looked up some turkey bacon nutrition labels and up to two-thirds of the calories is fat.

I finally tested my thesis and it looks to hold true. Follow these steps:

1. Put a sheet pan in the oven.

2. Turn oven on to 350f. Once the oven reaches temperature, let the sheet pan 'cook' at least 15 minutes.

3. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add individual pieces of bacon turkey to the water and blanch for at least 1 minute.

4. Place turkey bacon on paper towels and blot dry. I did four pieces and noticed anout 1 teaspoon of fat floating on the water and the water was very cloudy.

5. Place turkey bacon on the sheet pan and bake for about 10 minutes.

6. It'll take about 10-15 minutes to get a good crisp after it comes out if the oven. I used Butterball Turkey Bacon as my test. The result was a feathery, almost efferessent 'crunch', not your solid crunch like pork bacon.


It was a curious thing that the turk bacon curled up in the short sides rather than at the ends like pork bacon.


Anyway, I hope this helps.

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