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Guest Autorité suprême

"One of the best meals I have had in a NY restaurant in years" is my feeling about our first meal here. I admit to being a friend of a very good friend of the house, which resulted in more than a few comped dishes and a coup de Champagne.


The room(s) are beautiful and noise level low. Service was amazing considering this is their first week.


I see this as classic bistro dishes raised to Michelin star level of execution. Daniel could not have been nicer. Unlike many friends, I have not eaten at Spring so have no comparison benchmark there.


The standouts were the leeks, tripe, quenelle, canard, foie gras, rice pudding and apricots. My only disappointment was the bourride, which lacked any pronounced taste or flavors. I expected the fumet to be great and it was bland. (I reported this to Daniel via email and he was grateful for the feedback).


marinated eggplants, basil
leeks, hazelnuts
Terrine de veau
veal terrine, pickled milkweed
Tripe, souvenirs oublie de lyon
wagyu tripe, green tomatoes, olives


Quenelle de brochet, sauce américaine
pike quenelle, lobster sauce


halibut, santa barbara spot prawn, mussels, clams, fish fumett
Canard et cerises
duck, cherries, foie gras, black olives
*Sauteed foie gras


Gateau chocolat
Tarte Limon
Riz au lait coucou
rice pudding, pistachios, chartreuse
Abricots au Thym
thyme sorbet, almond financier

Petit fours


A very promising debut.

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Maybe they just looked at your pictures and decided not to go?

Or it may mean that the board is biased because of features unrelated to the food*. There's nothing wrong with such a bias because we know restaurants are not about food, but Wilfrid and Instagram tog

Michael and I had dinner at Le Coucou Sunday evening. Let me say up front that one of the managers (Troy) and one of the reception staff (Frank) know us from our frequent visits to Upland and The Clocktower. So, the effusive greeting we received and subsequent treatment during dinner reflected that.


The space is beautiful. The long front room leads to another room behind it where the open kitchen is located. We were seated at a capacious table with a partial view of the brigade at work and were immediately gifted glasses of Champagne.


A basket of bread and rolls arrived accompanied by butter and lardo. The olive roll I chose was terrific.


We both started with the salad of tomato and peas with a few strawberries and sitting on a strawberry emulsion. Texturally interesting, the salad was light and flavorful.


The next course should have been our mains -- duck for me, lamb rack for Michael. The correct flatware for those dishes was, in fact, laid when suddenly those utensils were removed and a different set substituted. Now, we've never eaten in Daniel Rose's restaurants (the last time we were in Paris was 1999!), and I had to ask our captain to point him out to me ("Look for the only one in the black polo shirt."). But it seemed word about us being there had been relayed to him, and so he sent us a mid-course, something special that was not on the menu: stuffed sardines. We'd never had sardines prepared this way. Delicious!


Then, on to the mains. When our captain asked Michael how he wanted his lamb cooked, he gave his standard answer, "As the chef prefers." Chef Rose prefers it on the rarer side which suited Michael just fine. Accompaniments were little tomatoes stuffed with lamb meat and underneath the lamb some eggplant. As for my duck dish, there were three slices of magret cooked exactly to my medium-rare specifications. Also on the plate was a generous tranche of foie gras, some whole cherries, and a few olives. And then there was the fabulous cherry sauce! All I can say is OMG! This was one of the most phenomenal duck dishes I've ever had!


For dessert, I chose the Opera. Very classic. Wonderful! Michael wanted ice cream. Surprisingly, there is no ice cream; however, there are two sorbets -- strawberry and thyme -- that accompany two of the desserts. Michael was fine with having a scoop of each.


As far as drinks go, they don't have a non-alcoholic list, but our captain asked the bartender to whip up something for me. Lemonade with ginger beer and basil was a very pleasing combination. Michael had one glass of wine with the lamb and ended with a double espresso.


Service by our very personable captain Jonah couldn't have been better.


Daniel Rose came to our table at the end of the meal, so we were able to tell him how much we loved his food and thank him directly for his generosity.


Getting to Le Coucou from our apartment turned out to be a breeze. Door-to-door via the 6 in about 20 minutes. Definitely goes on our regular rotation!


Le Coucou Photo Set

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