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Maybe they just looked at your pictures and decided not to go?

Or it may mean that the board is biased because of features unrelated to the food*. There's nothing wrong with such a bias because we know restaurants are not about food, but Wilfrid and Instagram tog

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(those potatoes were great)

Yeah. I've read some less than stellar responses to the beef itself, which I guess I can see. But those potatoes! You almost don't care what comes with them.





But nothing actually wrong with the beef, if you like filet, which isn't my first choice in steak. It was a good dish for us to share.

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I probably agree with you, but I'm not quite sure what you mean.


Mind you, if you're looking for opaque:


And it's the type of venue that will surely attract more to oldies like La Grenouille or more modern spots like Le Bernardin.





...most of the old-school school fancy French stalwarts (La Caravelle, Lutece, and La Cote Basque) closed in the early aughts, as did their ideological successors, from Gordon Ramsay to Adour Alain Ducasse to Villard Michel Richard.




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The first quote means that he thinks the success of Le Coucou will make many contemporary diners who were previously averse to such places want try Le Grenouille and Le Bernardin, doesn't it?


You cracked it. I could not figure it out.


And yes on the timing.


@Orik, if he'd been going to Per Se back then, he'd have known it was serving the same food he doesn't like now. :D

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And yet that notion is becoming a thing among Young Foodwriters.


It's like the narrative that was the consensus among the late-'60s first generation of rock critics, that The Beatles saved pop-rock music from the commercialized dregs of 1962. The only problem is, pop-rock music very much didn't suck in 1962 -- unless you think that Sam Cooke and The Four Seasons and Dion and early Motown constitute sucking.

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