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Maybe they just looked at your pictures and decided not to go?

Or it may mean that the board is biased because of features unrelated to the food*. There's nothing wrong with such a bias because we know restaurants are not about food, but Wilfrid and Instagram tog

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In addition to the inaccuracies about New York City's dining scene as envisioned by Mr. Sutton in the review, there are a few good lines in there. I liked this one:


You'll tolerate that price, and the tasting menu duration of this a la carte meal because against most prevailing norms, the brick-walled, chateau-chic Le Coucou is cavernous and comfortable. That statement will be all the more true four years from now when chefs have us all eating with our hands behind our backs in pre-paid increments of thirty minutes at ticketed communal feeding troughs with kale quinoa IV drips.


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That's funny because this fast casual big box restaurant is massively successful now, while tasting menu places, I hear from my restaurant opening friends, are a completely saturated market.


eta: off topic, but the snippet cloud is something like "Saturated" "Blue Apron" "Fast Casual" "No demand at $200, $150, even for $100 you need to work very hard"


eta2: also funny that eating dinner is such a foreign experience to Sutton that even the strictly nyc paced delivery at LC seems to him like a huge time commitment.

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And yet that notion is becoming a thing among Young Foodwriters.


It's like the narrative that was the consensus among the late-'60s first generation of rock critics, that The Beatles saved pop-rock music from the commercialized dregs of 1962. The only problem is, pop-rock music very much didn't suck in 1962 -- unless you think that Sam Cooke and The Four Seasons and Dion and early Motown constitute sucking.

It wasn't all bad but it did get better post Beatles.
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