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So AARP chat aside.

We're off this weekend coming up.

Meals are booked at Table, Servan, and Amarante with the big meal at L'Amb next Saturday.  Feels like a lot for the weekend and I might drop the lunch at Servan.

Any thoughts?

Mrs. Has a near Prasantarin level of interest in Patisserie as well so any advice for that or coffee places worth a quick drop in when walking around are worth it.  We'll be staying bang in the heart of touristic Paris but don't much feel like staying there during the day.  Any must to wander thought very appreciated.


Assume an ego that thinks it's nearly fluent paired with an actual middle aged brain that hasnt spoken a word of French in a decade+.

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You just have the wrong idea of what a reasonable time is.

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7 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

So AARP chat aside

So, Bonner, the geriatrics didn’t deliver diddly that was germane to your jaunt ?

Gee … surprise, surprise !

Hey Bonner, did you ever notice that when young guns like us are trying to celebrate life’s cherished moments to the fullest that certain seniors seemingly sidetrack the story towards shit like Social Security, AARP advantages, Medicare deductibles and which of their joints no longer work … that might be fine on Chowhound or Senoirs Weakly but it’s seriously stultifying, shows bad manners and is outright offensive to The Rest of Us in Paris. Maybe an admin could consolidate all those golden off-topic nuggets into a new thread called … hmmm ... hmmm … maybe “Cremation or Casket … Micromanage My Death”

Anyway let’s keep moving …

7 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

the big meal at L'Amb next Saturday

There’s not much to say about l’Ambroisie … it’s a well known entity … you’re surely committed to it … and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being committed to it … enjoy !

Ok let’s keep moving …

7 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

Meals are booked at Table, Servan, and Amarante

To provide context, and establish my credentials, let it be known that I have eaten at Le Servan over FIFTY (50) times over the years, mostly for lunch … and yes, I can provide dates if necessary as I’m a fairly organized fellow. That might sound like shitload of Servan, but let the record further show that I have eaten chez Table MORE times than I have at Le Servan, and mostly for dinner … and no, I wouldn’t ever make a normal reservation there cuz I'm Chambo and I just WhatsApp Bruno same day and tell him that I’m coming in. Lastly I will casually note that I have had lunch at Amarante four times relatively recently ie since late January

So why do I bother to bore my beloved Bonner with the above ? Just to boldly boast ?

Yeah, mostly … but also to suggest that Chambo knows WTF he’s talking about !

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It sounds to me like you’re considering Le Servan for lunch followed by Table for dinner

That might be too much … but you know your appetites and capacities better than I …

8 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

Feels like a lot for the weekend and I might drop the lunch at Servan.

Any thoughts?

and you seem to feel it’s too much … hence I think you could be right

Le Servan used to be one of my fave, casual lunch places back when they had different menus for lunch and dinner. Lunch used to be an entrée-plat-dessert offering in the high 20s and you still got to choose between 3 or 4 offerings pour l’entrée et pour le plat … but then in late 2019 they changed to an a la carte menu that was the same for lunch and dinner and that’s how things remain … hence lunch is now effectively the dinner menu ... and hence lunch got a pretyy hefty price increase… surprisingly to me, the place seemed to stay fully packed at lunch … I say surprisingly because the (good) crowd there didn’t seem to be an especially well-walleted one but you never really know how many bitcoin hipsters have to rub together ... and if they have 2 bits between them then they're good for a while I guess

I rarely went there for dinner mainly because they did the two service thang whereby le premier service started at 19h00-19h30 and the earliest deuxieme service was 21h30 which often became 21h45 / 22h00. For me, 7.30pm is just too early and starting past 9.30pm in Paris is too late … so Le Servan rarely made it onto my dinner dance card unless I thought someone would especially like it 

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Here's a recent lunch at Le Servan ... twas two weeks ago ...



This white asparagus and langoustine salad was really quite good ... very nicely prepared asperges blanches with just the right bit of crunch and there are two or three fresh, well-sized, meaty, tender, ocean tasting langoustines décortiquees dedans ... peut être un peu caché, mais elles sont là ... you can see one at 9 o'clock, lying diagonally beneath a diagonal slim stalk, both lang and asp at a 60 degree angle on Cartesian coordinate axes, I'd estimate ... 



The menu says lieu jaune mais le poisson est en fait de la lotte ... yes, twas monkfish and good, fresh monkfish in France is a very nice fish (and in Spain it's even better) ... people need to discard this ridiculous notion that monkfish isn't a very nice and tasty fish in the hands of a competent chef



Nice-sized hunk too ...



Ain't high 20s no more ... but you gotta love the price of the wines BTG ... modest size pours (but that's all you want for lunch ... or at least that's all I need for lunch) and Le Servan always has a nice set of natural wines by the glass ... I must admit that I was kinda pissed that they charged me 28 for the monkfish when the menu says the lieu jaune is 27 ... I was informed about the lotte swap but not the price swap ... I hadn't seen the sister-owner-server since the pandemic and we were so friendly and all that I decided to say nothing about them screwing me over this time ... I'm such a softy sometimes ... 


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Well there is no way to sugarcoat this ... I love Table ... yeah it's expensive but that's life ... and here is a recent menu ...



I love Bruno but 360 euros does seem a bit pricey ...


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For me, the appropriate Table experience is NOT a simple entree-plat-dessert a la carte experience. In fact I've never done that and wouldn't want to personally. For me, Table is about experiencing a range of different ingredients a la Bruno

I've always just told Bruno to cook for me ... and I'll tell him a few things I definitely want based upon la carte and what I've eaten recently and just chatting with him ... and I have been doing that since before they even offered un menu option

I think two people should consider ordering 3 full starters, coursed sequentially and you share them. Then followed by a fish and tell them you plan on sharing it. Then followed by a meat to be shared. Hence creating your own tasting menu with the exact dishes you want. I think everyone nowadays also gets the amuse-starter thingy called couleur du jour which is a veggie dish thingy. The 3 starters sequentially is a no-brainer for the kitchen and works without any issue whatsoever. The mains and spliting them shouldn't be an issue and since it's not a "fancy" place there shouldn't be any real complications if you're splitting it yourself ... Bruno's veggies that come with the mains are usually in a separate bowl anyway

Something to keep in mind ... if they are actually serving you the full starter, for example, then 1/2 of that is much more than each person getting their own (mini) tasting menu portion ... and this is true at pretty much all high-end restos in my experience

And add on your cheese or dessert if you are into that ... if not, add a fourth starter


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Great minds Bonner? Similar weekend trip planned to Paris in May. Right now, have Comice for night one, L'Ambo for night two, and a lunch a Amarante before the opera on Sunday afternoon. Questions:


1. For night one, is Comice the right choice for a civilized one star meal (also the Canadian angle)? Sota is appealing but looks closed, and, although it's obviously less white table cloth, Septime still has appeal. But then there's a litany from AT, L'Archeste, Pages, etc. and it's hard to find a reliable way to differentiate between them, as there is an absolute paucity of reliable feedback on the webs right now.

2. For the multi-star meal, is there any reason to pivot to Pre Catelan, Kei, Epicure or Clarence? Varying ability to get a reservation at each, but each is pretty appealing for a different reason.

3. Sunday dinner leaving open for something more casual, like Bon Georges or equivalent, but is there anything super exciting in the bistro/bistronomic/wine bar category right now?

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15 minutes ago, Anthony Bonner said:

Comice and Bon Georges we're booked.  I checked.

LOL man, I was asking for myself!  Glad we have independently planned the same trip...

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I’ll note that I’m not really a big fan of Amarante … even if I do go there as the record will show above. I haven’t yet had a chance to explain why I go there, so now I will. The only reason why I go there is because after the gym on Mondays I may want a geo-desirable cooked meal at a simple French bistro level and Amarante is the ONLY place that’s open on Mondays within walking distance … and maybe even within any (reasonable) distance. And yep, it’s open Sundays too … they have a weird schedule

I must admit that I am wondering if Bonner really wants to eat dinner there after meals at Table and L'amb ... hmmm .... hmmm ... not clear ... then again, what's plan B ... hmmm ... hmmm ... I need to think cuz quite frankly I rarely go out for dinner on Sundays because I most likely went to the market on the weekend and hence I'll eat in


1. No, IMHO I don’t think Comice is the right choice (unless for some unfortunate reason it is unbelievably highly geographically desirable for you). That said, I’ve only been once and that was over 3 years ago but I simply have ZERO desire to even considering going back. It wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t very good and there was no spark of anything for me to think that I’m missing something or I ordered wrong or it was an off night etc. If I’m wrong, I don’t really care ... but I don't think I'm wrong. And yes, the Canadians were nice people. At that 1* level, I think Pages is better (been there a couple of times) but once again I don’t like the location / crowd and it’s never on my radar. I am not a fan of AT for number of reasons and I have been there a number of times. It is very geographically desirable for me and I pass it all the time (maybe cuz I might be on my way to Kitchen Ter(re) for a simple, quick lunch and I’m curious if people are actually eating at AT ... their rating on OAD for many years now is absolutely preposterous ! But that's true for half OAD's list so whatever !) and I never go any more … haven’t been in a few years and I seriously doubt it’s been getting much better. Haven’t been to Archeste nor have I heard much good news about it. I think GRANITE could be what you are looking for … young chef in the old Spring space in the 1st. It is indeed calm, civilized, very 1* Mich food and service, a bit of food creativity while remaining in a very French structure, uses lots of ingredients (maybe one extra ingredient than necessary in each dish ? but I’m splitting hairs even if I’m also serious … and I gave them this respectful feedback after complimenting them on my meal) and a decent wine list with a knowledgeable and helpful sommelier. If you go, demand to be seated on the rez-de-chaussée when making the ressie (you don't want to be downstairs IMHO) and I further qualify that I’d prefer one of the round tables, but I’m a picky SOB (who knows what he wants)


2. Plenitude, but you can’t get in. Next available reservation now is mid-July. A friend just reserved for mid-October. Personally, if I were going to choose one on your list I’d go to Clarence for the food even though I find the wine list oppressively priced which is a semi-outrage considering who owns the place. Princes are greedy, ungenerous bastards or so says Chambo


3. Re bistro / bistronomic, I’m not going to vouch for super exciting but I’d consider putting these on your radar – Capitaine (I like this place, nice wine program and I go here a bunch now. It’s a very nice lunch option and I now prefer it to Le Servan. Dinner is fine too. Chef was the ex-chef de cuisine de Servan in its heyday), Loupiotes (I like this place too, been 5-6 times now. La cheffe is ex-Arpege, ex-Table but she’s doing stuff at a much more modest price point so forget about that level of food and appreciate it on its own term), Perception (different geo, slightly higher end, but don’t do the menu and go a la carte for dinner methinks, unfortunately a kind of lame wine list), fripon paris (it’s out in the boonies and I’ve only been once but it’s an authentic, tiny place run by nice people that deserves credit for daring to open … but it’s such a hike for me that it’s hard to imagine going much at all … would be a great neighborhood option if nearby)

But this stuff changes all the time and by May it may well be a different list 😊

Re Le Bon Georges, yeah I saw the LuxEater’s post and I know all about the private room blah blah blah … now go ask her what the price tag for that is ! unless of course, she didn’t even pay !

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