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Lionfish festival in Sebastian FL

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The lionfish is an invasive fish species in south Florida. The appearance of the fish and the reduced population of other fish has alarmed many fish experts.


The fish is described as having zebra like stripes with tender, meaty flesh. It doesn't require extensive marinating, and it's abundant. And, it tastes good.


That has led to a fish festival, intended to acquaint chefs, home cooks, and diners with the fish. It's not widely found on restaurant menus. That may change as hundreds become familiar with the fish and may seek it out. And, fishing boats may actively seek the fish as demand rises.





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According to National Geographic, venomous, yes, but not deadly. And only the spines, not the flesh. So fillets would be okay.


ETA: I recently met a woman who is doing research on edible invasive species. Much of her work lately has been on nutria. Maybe I'll ask her about this, if she's aware of it. Maybe not, since she's in Seattle, but you never know.

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The island of Bonaire has a section of its website touting the benefits of (eating) lionfish, and offers various recipes. I asked my local fish dealer about the lionfish problem in the Sebastian to Palm Beach FL area and she said it's a non-event. More of a watch and wait than any red alert.



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