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[Santa Fe NM] Eloisa Restaurant at the Drury Plaza

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Edible Communities is a publishing network which sponsors nearly a hundred individual magazines focused on local restaurants, farms, and the food culture. Each year they select several articles for special acclaim. One is a conversation with the chef owner of the new restaurant Eloisa and the organic specialty farm at La Merienda. Chefs and growers with a range of experiences converge in a place with exceptional food sources and incredible light.



After sampling tortillas decoradas, a housemade corn tortilla embedded with flower petals, Sedlar invites us to meander from the dining room to see a set of exquisite photographs by Michel Zabe depicting key ingredients—spices, fruits, vegetables, insects—in traditional Latin food. His O’Keeffe menu is expository; his thoughts on these images and what they represent flow poetically and extemporaneous from a deep knowledge and passion for the traditions they represent and the foods they make. For Sedlar, part of the return to Santa Fe is connecting the cuisine of Northern New Mexico to a larger conversation about Latin cuisine. Sedlar and Perno quickly fall into a more intimate conversation than our table would permit, and it feels like the ice has broken.

As we return to the table, conversation shifts to local ingredients. We talk about the farm at Los Poblanos and what it has enabled Perno to do in his kitchen. But, he explains, the farm only provides a small portion of what his kitchen really needs. He loves working with the Co-op Distribution Center, and has developed relationships with other growers, which he believes builds consistency in the ingredients he purchases from them. “Good products streamline logistics in the kitchen.”







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