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Callahan's...back in Fort Lee!!! Or is it???

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Callahan's is returning to Fort Lee..."A" Callahan's...not the same as "the" Callahan's in Norwood, and not the same as the food trucks...so what's going on here?

Here's a few links with some information:



From Boozy Burbs:

The Callahan’s Hot Dog Emporium – though not affiliated with the Norwood shop or subsequent food trucks, has returned to its home in Fort Lee, NJ after a long absence. The menu features their classic hot dogs, hamburgers and fries with the addition of sushi, cannolis and more.

The space has seating for 40 to 50 people indoors and a granite counter for 20. There is additional outdoor seating for 15 to 20 when weather permits. Callahan’s will be open Monday-Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Callahan’s Hot Dog Emporium 1400 Anderson Avenue Fort Lee, NJ

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I've been on a real hot dog tour de force lately -- Callahan's, Rutt's, Jimmy Buff's, Windmill, and several more...so that said Paul...I AM IN!!! LOL.


I'll be trying Callahan's/Fort Lee this week.


Let me know what we can put together. I'll help or just show up. Whatever you need/want. Thanks.

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OK...so I finally got to the Callahan's in Fort Lee...and simply put, not up to Callahan's standards in my opinion.


Nice place, modern place, There's a nice, colorful mural on the wall, portraying the original Callahan's.


A few items to note -- there a few "interesting" items on the menu -- panini's? No offense, I know panini's are a popular item, but at Callahan's? LOL. I get it. Trying to appeal to a wider, larger audience. There was also a "tempura hot dog roll" from Kaname (the long time Japanese/sushi restaurant in Cliffside Park). I don't know what that is or means, but it's on the menu. They are also offering cannolis from Vitangelo's (Edgewater). Lastly, unlike the Callahan's in Norwood, the Italian hot dog here is being done the "traditional" and expected way, with pizza bread!


So -- the most important question -- what about the dog? Well, I had been on a hot dog tour de force for the day, starting out at Tommy's and then on to Hiram's, so by the time I got to Callahan's/Fort Lee, I wasn't going to indulge in a big way, LOL. But, all I need is one dog to know what's what. OK, so the dog -- first, if the owner of Fort Lee and Norwood both tell me it's the same exact dog as Callahan's/Norwood, OK, I'll accept that. However, absent that, I don't think it is. No, I didn't do a side by side immediate comparison/taste-test, but that's my opinion. When Daniel first opened the food truck, and then the Norwood location -- I believe his motive was to do the exact same thing as the original Callahan's. People have said he got the original grills, was using the same suppliers, same, same, same. I don't know how much of that is true or urban myth -- but I will say this -- the first Callahan's dog I had off the food truck, and the dog I had when Norwood opened...that was the dog from the original Callahan's in Fort Lee. Period. I know that dog. I grew up on that dog. If it isn't the same manufacturer, that's fine, OK -- but he duplicated it very, very well. Same texture, taste, flavor profile, prepared the same way, etc.


The dog I had at this new, Fort Lee location is not the same dog in my opinion. First, it seemed a little "bland" to me. It didn't have the taste, flavor profile -- it didn't have that "umph" I know. I didn't get the level of "spices" that I know. Hey, listen, that's just my likes. You may love the dog. Second, it was not prepared the same way -- it was a little under-done compared to the Norwood Callahan's style. Wasn't as crinkled-up, shriveled up, etc., on the outside, and the inside was undercooked for my likes. Even my hot dog companion had an immediate reaction that this was not the Callahan's food truck or Norwood dog. I'd like to know what dog they are using.


That said, Callahan's/Fort Lee is opening a second location already -- in Englewood -- which is well underway. I also heard something about this new, Fort Lee location debuting a "food trailer" and while I don't know what that means, it does mean more Callahan's to come.


For me, I'll stick with Norwood, and the food trucks they operate, which I've been told now has a permanent home during the season in Van Saun Park in Paramus...right down the street from my office!!!


All the best..,enjoy the dogs, Italian hot dogs, and sausage (had an excellent one at Tommy's!!!).

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OK...so I just stopped for a quick bite for lunch, over at Van Saun Park in Paramus. Yes, the Callahan's (Norwood) food truck is there.


A few items to note -- first, I don't know if it's a special, holiday, food truck only, or what, but there were new, lower prices! I am not sure when this started. This is a good thing because there have been various comments that the store prices are "high" -- so this is good news!


Second, there is no doubt that for my likes, tastes, etc. -- the Norwood/Callahan's dog (yes, the food truck too) is far superior to the Fort Lee/Callahan's dog. The dog I had today is a beef/pork blend, and it is just like the "original" dog that was served in the original Callahan's location in Fort Lee (not the new one). Confused yet? LOL. This dog had an excellent flavor profile, taste, excellent balance and "spice" and it's just the way I remembered it and liked it. When I first tried it, when he debuted the food truck -- it brought a smile to my face! It was, and still is, the original Callahan's dog that I grew up on.



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The owner of the Fort Lee location -- immediately upon opening -- had said he was opening a second location in Englewood. I never heard anything else about that, so I am guessing that one never got out of the starting gate so to speak.

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