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Barbecue in New York

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I couldn't find a general topic on this (other than with a time restriction). Eater is having a barbecue week, which includes a "thumbnail" history by Sietsema (which skips from Pearson's to Hill Country, ignoring Dinosaur, Rub, Bonelick Park, Daisy May, etc) and an overview of the current scene--and its "cultural implications"--by English Nick.


Made me wonder which places people here currently rate. My most recent experiences have been at Hill Country out of sheer convenience. I had deep reservations about Mighty Quinn, based on several visits. It's a while since my trips to Arrogant Swine. Oh, and John Brown Smokehouse was terrible.




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My new smoker can handle about 250 lbs per load. 

I've had the brisket and the potato salad maybe six times and it's been consistently good.

Showing off again huh?   Short Ribs  

Mighty Quinn's probably my favorite based on 4 or 5 visits. I've liked some of Blue Smoke's offerings over the years. And I've definitely had some commendable moist brisket at Hill Country, while my one visit to Hometown was disappointing. I like what Fletcher's has to offer. John Brown was terrible to me too.


Somewhere in those articles it does say that it's somewhat about timing and getting there early for fresh stuff is important. The problem with that is that sometimes early means you're getting what's left over from last night.


The Englishman is really taking to hiding the tatts these days (as well as growing some hair).

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I've had a bunch of very good meals at hometown. I think there brisket is the best thing they have but apart from the lamb I've liked all the meat I've tried. good potato salad too.

There's no doubt this is worth another try. I didn't have the brisket, and the ribs I had the one time were really dry. Hmmm, maybe lunch today?

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