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Barbecue in New York

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My new smoker can handle about 250 lbs per load. 

I've had the brisket and the potato salad maybe six times and it's been consistently good.

Showing off again huh?   Short Ribs  

You even bring good knives?!


If your cuts aren't clean the judges knock off points! We'd sharpen the knives after slicing each rack.


We learned the hard way! The first year I did this our team came in 23rd out of 25 teams. We were hopeless. The following year we came in 2nd and it included several professional teams. And it was run with official KC BBQ rules with legit KC BBQ judges. Lots of pressure!


And PS, the Weber smokers are great. We used 3 Webers and beat the pants off a bunch of teams with smokers than ran into the thousands.

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I tried Arrogant Swine yesterday. I quite liked it and would go back, although I think selectiveness in ordering is your friend. I'd probably just get meat. Maybe slaw, although even that I'd prefer w/o raisins.


That isn't to say its perfect. The whole hog did have enough "other bits" in it for me. No little nasty bits or hard pieces of skin. I don't know what he's doing. He's also adding pork rinds to get that textural thing going on, but its a bit weak for me.


The outside brown is good too.


Nice setup

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Zachary Feldman reviews two barbecue places in Brooklyn, and likes them both. As a matter of fact, he practically kvells about Izzy's Brooklyn Smokehouse; kosher barbecue in Crown Heights! Of the brisket, he notes:


Eidelman's is remarkable — and it'd better be, at $40 per pound. Enticingly tender, it's coated in so much spice that it hardly needs the restaurant's piquant tomato-based barbecue sauce. (Eating the fattiest cuts was almost as much of a religious experience as my bar mitzvah.) In March, Eidelman took second place at the third annual Brisket King of NYC competition. The man who bested him? His mentor, Texas-born Ari White of roving kosher barbecue outfit the Wandering Que.


The other is Joeper's Smokeshack, out in Mill Basin.


Take the not-so-subtle hint and order Memphis-style ribs smoked in Pandolfo's custom-built pit for over four hours until their dry rub is almost blackened. The autodidact's technique produces juicy, highly porky meat. And at $22 for a whole rack, they're a serious bargain that, by themselves, warrant the trip to this corner of southern Flatbush Avenue.


I see a trip to both of these joints in the not-too-distant future.

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I tried a beef sandwich from Arrogant Swine at the Hudson River Park Blues BBQ event on Saturday. The whole hog "wasn't ready".


It was good; I haven't seen beef on the restaurant menu.


A pulled pork sandwich from Dinosaur was kind of bland.

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