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Who really cares about the Oxford comma?

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I do. I care.


I care for the sake of the clarity, flow, and musicality of prose. I care because words matter, punctuation matters, and there is no other logical position besides being pro-Oxford comma. I care because I like jokes about my parents, God, and Stalin. (Actually, in that case, the joke only works if you take out the Oxford comma, which I refuse to do on principle.)


Some people, apparently, disagreeincluding those who follow the APs style book, which is most traditional newspaper reporters. I am prepared to do battle with these foes. This Friday, June 24, at 3pm, we will host a live video debate on our Facebook page: me vs. readers / internet riffraff, on the topic of the Oxford comma. Besides its merits, which are clear, the following questions may be considered:


Oxford comma or serial comma?


Best Oxford-comma joke?




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Oxford comma = serial comma. It gets confusing because the Brits do not use the serial comma. But "Oxford" does not make it British.


He knows that, too. His question was, which name do you favor? (You apparently favor "serial comma".)

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