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Miss K loves herself some butter chicken.. Really, which child wouldn't. It is like chicken in a buttery tomato soup.. So, on her last night in town, we wanted to hit up this place before taking her to camp.. turns out there was no buttery chicken.. but, she was still happy and it was a fun dinner..


Recently opened, or recently moved from Carroll Gardens as their website says, they have moved to Clinton Hill a few weeks ago.. Apparently, they also have a space at the Brooklyn Flea and they are the same owners of the Italian restaurant, Dino, which is located next door in Clinton Hill as well..


Chicken 65: It reminded me of Indian Chinese Food.. It was fried and sticky and sweet, a little spicy.. "eh"




tandori chicken: the flavor was ok.. i would guess it was in the marinade just a day too long as it was a bit mushy:



Chopped veggie samosa with some yogurt and tomato, cilantro, whatever else.. It was the Samosa Chaat "eh"



Fried sticky sweet cauliflower.. eh



Eggplant Kulambu: not even very Eh



Chicken Chettinad: "eh"




Coconut Rice:


Easily the best thing:





Will have to go back and try their Dosa which actually look pretty damn delicious.. I would not repeat anything we ate with the exception of the coconut rice.. Maybe one of the fried sweet things but, eh..

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I've eaten there a few times (in their old location as it was close to where we live). It's ok, a bit overpriced, not inspired but not bad in the same way that most indian restaurant food is. their dosas are fun. don't bother with them if you are getting delivery as they need to be eaten fresh.

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