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Jewish Delis in NYC?

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Russ & Daughters explicitly says it's not a deli on the website.  I just like having the same discussion every few years.

i think Ben's Best in Rego Park is better than Ben's Kosher. Ben's Best also serves nice portions

I don't think Eisenberg's is a deli. To me, it's a coffee shop.   Harry & Ida's, perhaps? Though there is no seating.

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Northern Europe, then presumably expanded in scale and weight in the States (the familiar phenomenon of a poor community demonstrating generosity and a sense of plenty).


Stripped of the pejoratives, those comments are roughly true of Irish-American, Chinese-American, Italian-American, etc cuisines.

Not so for my New England ancestors. Count the number of guests = the number of carrots! :o

Yes, cultural differences. I am the kind of guy who automatically counts numbers of carrots. My daughter's mother--Dominican--would be uncomprehending at this, assuming the point of dinner was to serve more than the guests could possibly eat and supply them with leftovers to last a month. :D

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American "Jewish" food is a disgusting monstrosity, unhealthy and is unknown to Jews outside America. You can't find that trash in Israel[/size]


That's a pretty curious statement. Other than the beefy aspects, which are of course native to the US, the food is mostly the Ashkenazi food that we grew up eating. Not to mention Israel, not being the old country (well, being the very old country) should have seen the same issues amplified as everyone is 1st-4th generation of poor immigrants.

Yep, the comment was just as inane as the article. But said with feeling! Oy veh!


And, although I haven't counted, I think that there are more than 15 Jewish delis left in NYC. But the point that the # is decreasing is well taken.

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My favorite comment after the article:


American "Jewish" food is a disgusting monstrosity, unhealthy and is unknown to Jews outside America. You can't find that trash in Israel, and nobody consumed it (in its American form) in the old country. Generally, ethnic food deteriorates once it becomes American - same for Italian, Greek, "Chinese", Middle-Eastern, Turkish etc. food. The American ethnic food closest to its motherland origins is Polish.[/size]

I wonder what that commenter would say about Sammy's Roumanian.

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Well here's a list. Please add and subtract as necessary. (Note: I think some of these are questionable, but I pulled them all from lists of delis. Many lists include Barney Greengrass, which does of course serve deli sandwiches, but I would hate to raise anyone's blood pressure.)




2nd Avenue


Ben's (various locations)


Mill Basin


Lansky's Old World


Mile End

Jay & Lloyd's


Ben's Best


Fine & Schapiro


Pastrami Queen



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