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Jewish Delis in NYC?

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Russ & Daughters explicitly says it's not a deli on the website.  I just like having the same discussion every few years.

i think Ben's Best in Rego Park is better than Ben's Kosher. Ben's Best also serves nice portions

I don't think Eisenberg's is a deli. To me, it's a coffee shop.   Harry & Ida's, perhaps? Though there is no seating.

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Well here's a list. Please add and subtract as necessary. (Note: I think some of these are questionable, but I pulled them all from lists of delis. Many lists include Barney Greengrass, which does of course serve deli sandwiches, but I would hate to raise anyone's blood pressure.)




2nd Avenue


Ben's (various locations)


Mill Basin


Lansky's Old World


Mile End

Jay & Lloyd's


Ben's Best


Fine & Schapiro


Pastrami Queen



I beleive Lansky's is closed.

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I never see Benash, opposite Carnegie, included in these lists. Any reason?


Because nobody can believe anyone would open a deli across the street from the Carnegie.


It would be like opening a slice joint on the corner of Avenue J and East 15th St. in Brooklyn.

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I read Merwin's book and found it added nothing to my knowledge of or understanding of the subject. It was a mishmash, badly organized. The kind of book I took to reading in the loo, dipping in and out at leisure.

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