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Jewish Delis in NYC?

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I'm at Frankel's now, having lunch. Due to its very limited menu, I don't think it should be on the list. Others may argue.


That said, the pastrami is pretty damn good (and the rye is serviceable). The bagels are from Baz.


It's cute, and there are lots of man buns.

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Russ & Daughters explicitly says it's not a deli on the website.  I just like having the same discussion every few years.

i think Ben's Best in Rego Park is better than Ben's Kosher. Ben's Best also serves nice portions

I don't think Eisenberg's is a deli. To me, it's a coffee shop.   Harry & Ida's, perhaps? Though there is no seating.

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Yeah, but I gotta tell you, after having been to Wise Sons several times that their bagel sucks.


The pastrami is a pale shadow of Katz's.


The matzo ball soup is pretty good.


The potato salad needs work.


One out of four is pathetic.







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I wanted to like it but it was a touch too salty. Pity.




The matzo ball is literally the size of my fist. Fluffy it's not. Great chicken broth with lots of fresh dill. Maybe I need to do more research...you know, so I can compare notes....




Lacked acidity or any sort of interest. I ended up adding some slivered pickled peppers because it was that boring.


In their defense, potato salad is difficult to pull off. I rarely have any satisfying versions.

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