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Jewish Delis in NYC?

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Russ & Daughters explicitly says it's not a deli on the website.  I just like having the same discussion every few years.

i think Ben's Best in Rego Park is better than Ben's Kosher. Ben's Best also serves nice portions

I don't think Eisenberg's is a deli. To me, it's a coffee shop.   Harry & Ida's, perhaps? Though there is no seating.

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(You all know that when the Quebec language laws went into effect, Schwartz's petitioned to be permitted to retain the phrase "Hebrew Deli" in its business name.  The petition was denied, which is why it's now called "Schwartz's Charcuterie Hebraique".  I'm sure that still rankles for Schwartz's and its old-time customers.  But tourists like me find it très charmante.)

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Stupid to argue this, but if R&D were a place where the proffer is, "we're like a deli -- but instead of serving cured and smoked meat, we serve deli-style dishes with cured and smoked fish!", then you could call them a Modern Deli or something.


But the proffer is so CLEARLY, "we're an appetizing place," that calling it a deli just seems perverse.


It's like if you decided to include one of those bistros that decided they had to serve pasta dishes in a round-up of "best Italian restaurants" because of the pasta dishes.

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