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I've put off writing this place up for more than a week because I literally can't think of anything to say about it.


It's Italian. I quite liked the food. There is nothing to recommend it over a million similar places.


It's in the space on 9th St. that last housed The Lion. It's a lot friendlier (how could it not be?). They did a good job on the dining room, which is very nice in that Le Coucou almost-formal-but-not-quite way (to be clear, it's not quite as almost-formal as Le Coucou).


You walk into the bar area, which -- I think to the restaurant's consternation -- has completely become a NYU kid bar. Forget ever trying to eat there (there are also tables and comfortable seats in the bar area -- but who would choose to eat at them in preference to the dining room?). It's strange because the dorm-lounge atmosphere at the bar is so different from the rather grown-up atmosphere in the dining room.


What is there to say about the food? Nothing. Good Italian food has become dime-a-dozen in this city. The dishes on the menu don't duplicate those elsewhere, but there's nothing distinctive to set them apart. The food does taste very good, though: I'd say it's less imaginative than Lillia, but more enjoyable.


I started with a burrata with pole beans and I think they were hazlenuts. This was good enough. Then, tagliatelle with chanterelles, pancetta, and sage: very tasty. Then, a surprisingly good grouper with I guess stewed vegetables and I think there was some balsamic vinegar in there.


As I keep saying, there's nothing very memorable or compelling about this food -- but it really is quite good. You don't need to go here -- but you won't be sorry if you do.


Good cocktails, BTW. Which I'm sure are wasted on those NYU kids.

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