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Separate minimum ages for women and men in a bar?

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A Long Island NY bar is under fire for setting separate ages for the admission of women and men to their rooftop bar. The ham handed (mouthed?) responses of the owners haven't helped their case much.



Angelo Ramunni, an owner for 14 years, said that some people complained, but that women and men mature at different rates and his policy played to that.

“Women usually go for men maybe a year or two older than them anyway,” Mr. Ramunni said.

And he said the policy provided for “more of a quality crowd.”

“The more mature of an age group, the more of a controlled crowd it is,” he said. “We never have issues with fights.”

Mirian Perez, 43, of Freeport, and Crystal Gardner, 41, of Woodmere, were surprised to learn of Cabo’s policy on a recent Wednesday night.

“Long Island, it’s pretty much, they have their own rules, it’s like their own world,” Ms. Gardner said as she stood outside the door. “And no one challenges anything, so, it won’t change.”


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On the South Shore of Long Island, there is no law.



The NY Times had a visit to the Silver Gull Swim Club, which has been considered for a "real housewives" series. Couple of folks you don't mess with. A few women who run things their way. Several retired cops and COs.


There is a law. They make it, and enforce it. One guy was picked up and tossed in the pool for failing to bring an appropriate happy hour item...

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