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I finally broke down after years of snow shoveling, and bought a motorized snow blower last year. In one sense, I felt I surrendered a part of my identity (I like doing this kind of thing), but it was buy the tool or risk a heart attack.


What a delight. A 6.5 hp Toro, 24 inches wide, 30 inches high. Adjustable throw and pitch  so I can send snow over an 8 foot high wall. Maybe it's a guy thing.

Nope. See my recent post in the Reasons to be Cheerful thread. :lol:

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I finally broke down after years of snow shoveling, and bought a motorized snow blower last year.


Every time before a big snow storm we decide to buy a snow blower and of course this idea comes to many people as well so the local stores would run out of stock.


In fact, couple of months ago Alex pointed me to a whole row of different models at Sears but it was hard to shell out that kind of money for non-obvious cause. You know how it is - you get the think and then it will never snow :lol:

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  I now have a stainless steel, two-soup-base-permitting hot pot machine (base with removable huge container) that runs on electricity.  Excellent.

Cabby, that sounds delicious. Can you recommend which hot pot and burner you have? I am in the market for one. I have seen a few with propane burners, but not an electric model.


No snow here, but still good hot pot weather.

I looked around for a hotpot container for a while, because I wanted a two-sauce-base type of pot. I couldn't find that except in the Chinatown cookware store on Bowery, south of Pell (on the side of NY Noodletown). The price as something like $90, and it is an integrated, two-piece unit that purports on its box to be stainless steel and that uses electricity (extension cord required, as the built-in cord is very short). It is not the highest quality of stainless steel that I have seen, but it seems quite functional.


At the same store, there was a Korean-made standalone base burner unit that was fueled by gas (which I rejected, for safety reasons), and 2 standalone dual-base pots that could have been used with that base.

Thanks for the info, Cabby. I meant to say the table top burners I've seen are butane, not propane. You stick a butane cartridge in them, but I'm also a bit hesitant to have one in the house due to safety concerns, so electric would be ideal. Maybe I can substitute one of my fondue pots, the electric one, in the meantime.

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Les neiges d'antan were banked against the front door and packed hard on the walk outside. I just spent 1/2 hour chopping and shoveling a path.


Husband ALWAYS manages to be out of town when a big snowstorm hits.


It sure is purty, though. I may take a walk in the park.



Please describe your NY winter walk in the park; compare to your Colorado winter walks.


Enjoy the snow everyone.

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More skiing! The park was amazing. EVERYONE was in great spirits - huge smiles all around, along with joyful dogs playing in the snow with their adorable snow beards. The bright colors of parkas, hats, and sleds made a beautiful contrast to the white terrain. There were infants experiencing snow for the first time, taking a few wobbly steps and then...oops! A gorgeous blue sky, too.


Now it's time for football, beer, and pizza.


Or is that beer, pizza, and football?

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I was able to spend friday travelling around to favorites shop: trenton Farmer's market, for kielbasa, mushrooms, potatoes. Wegman's for oysters, lump crab. Butcher's for a standing rib roast, so the Menu was a seafood jamablaya on Saturday night, some great cheeses and spincach salad for lunch, and as I type a prime rib sending its wonderful scent throughout the house...with mushrooms and a roasted butternut squash lasagne from the freezer.


OUr driveway is 1/2 a mile long...luckily the snow removal contactor came as promised, so as soon as they plow the roads here, we'll be good to go...but why go anywhere?

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