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AmEx, Chase Sapphire (split from Global Entry)

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i'd be interested in hearing folks experiences with asking/being offered retention incentives or how folks are choosing between cards.

you know the gutters in the airports will run red with all your blood, come the revolution, right?

I think it's kinda hilarious that the sub-text is that millennials think chase is cool.

Hmm. I wonder what kind of security you would issue where investors would want a five year stable credit blend, how you'd stuff your blend with top credit, and at what point in the business cycle you'd be looking to issue it.


I still can't believe they don't kick me out.

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it turns out it doesn’t work great, but they are trying it again.

One sentence, two surprises.


I'm sure you know much better than me what Chase would be up to, it just seemed like a likely motivation.

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I just discovered the Pay Yourself Back feature which is really coming in handy just now as I've been hit with a big, unexpected car expense. And for better or for worse, beer (or breweries) is a category that qualifies for Pay Yourself Back.

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Using my amex platinum extra warranty to pay a $500 repair on a two year old washing machine. (though I imagine the non-factory authorized repair company might have been somewhat cheaper). Certainly pays for some of the fees!

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Amex is running a promotion that will give you credit your account $5 up to $50 for every purchase you make from a small business. We've maxed out, but they applied it to a bunch of my greenmarket purchases and my recent order from Rancho Gordo.

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