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Johnny Carson

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I've had to take prednisone to deal with severe asthma when I was younger. It made my skin as fragile as tissue paper. If I scratched myself with very little pressure, I'd draw blood. Evil drug. :lol:

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I remember cutting school as a kid and going to the NYC midtown area, where they handed out free tickets to daytime TV shows. Johnny was the host of a show called Do You Trust Your Wife? IIRC, which I think they later changed to Whom Do You Trust?. Fond memories.


RIP, Johnny.



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Yea, indeed you do have to be weaned off it. Clearly the benefits I received from it were far greater than the side effects (i.e. saving my life), but that doesn't mean I (or anyone) else isn't allowed to express their displeasure of such a physically altering drug.

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20 plus years ago, I worked at the River Cafe in Brooklyn, which at that time really drew a 'celeb" crowd. I was always excited when someone came in, and I would call my parents with a "guess what..so and so is herre" kind of call. It became a running joke with my dad, and he'd say...oh, save it..call me when Johnny Carson comes in, and THEN I'll be impressed!" Well, when Mr. Carson visited, I did call my dad...and was busted, talking to him from the receptionist desk, when his wife came out to use the restroom. As I was being dressed down for using hte phone by the manager (rightly so!) she overheard my feeble attempts at explaining...and must have repeated them to her husband. Next thing I knew, the manager and Johnny were headed towards me ( I was checking coats, 18 years old) and Johnny Carson then CALLED my dad to say hello. Also told him that I was too young to be working in a "dingy bar" like this, and that he should come pick me up pronto! It was a short but memorable moment...I've had much lesser celebrities treat the staff terrible...Merlin Olson once reduced me to tears because of the way I "mangled" his wifes fur, and David Brenner grabbed a bottle from me because i was not uncorking it fast enough...but Johnny Carson was one of the nicest.

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