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Can ghost peppers burn out your esophagus?

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Ghost peppers




A man who ate a burger slathered in ghost pepper puree had such a violent reaction to its heat that he ended up with a life-threatening tear in his esophagus, according to a case study in the Journal of Emergency Medicine.


The 47-year-old man showed up in a hospital emergency room complaining of chest and abdominal pain after eating ghost peppers in a contest. Doctors there eventually discovered an inch-long tear in his esophagus, a result of the violent retching he experienced.




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We ate a dish at a friend's house that had a pretty good dose of ghost pepper. While I didn't have that kind of reaction, I did have a pretty awful one. My face turned bright red and my eyes became swollen. The next day, my face and eyelids starting peeling like I'd gotten a bad sunburn. Not pleasant.

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