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Orlando favorites and 2016 dining awards...what's new and exciting...

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Yes, I know, I know, about lists, best of, and so on. Anyway, I am planning my annual (conference) trip to Orlando and I'm looking for anything new and exciting...and this is the only list I can find, LOL.


Seems like there are a few new places to consider, along with the mainstays, classics, etc.


My goal is to stay out of Disney, at all costs, LOL. I don't mind hitting one of the hotels if need be, but I won't go to any of the parks.


Any ideas? What are your favorites? Thank you in advance.

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I've heard two people mention Charley's Steak House in the past few weeks. One person, who had her own table at Luger's, said this was "just about as good" but no bacon. That may be pushing it, but the other person was equally positive about the Orlando location.


The original is in Orlando, one branch is in Kissimmee, the other is in Tampa. Curiously, the location is Tampa is listed as the #8 best restaurant in Tampa, Bern's is #6. For anyone who is in interested, Wright's Gourmet Restaurant is #1, and Eddie V Prime Seafood is #2...




Menu in Orlando:



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