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Michelin 2017

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And today's award for understatement goes to Eater, introducing the new list of "affordable-ish restaurants where diners can, we’re told, enjoy two courses plus a glass of wine or dessert for $40. Or

Random is the key word. Every year a number of rankings make no sense at all. Olmstead on the BG list? A number of people here who I trust a lot are going to be cranky about that.   Perhaps we ca

Not that I care, but it's hard to construct a judgment metric under which The Finch is a better restaurant than Olmsted.   Also, how can IBAV only be a Bib Gourmand if it has three NYT stars? [sarca

Michelin has had a problem with Rose from the beginning. He has been consistently snubbed, yet filled his dining rooms without their endorsement. In fact, there is a delicious kind of thumb-wagging reverse snobbery in sitting at one of his hard-to-book starless tables.

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On one hand the Michelin people bitch and moan about how French cuisine isn't getting its proper due, but on the other hand when a foreigner comes along and does it with no gimmicks and in a way that respects and enhances exactly what it is that Michelin bemoans, then it's as if the chef and restaurant don't exist. There's no rhyme or reason to their ratings in New York, etc.. It's only about selling tires.

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