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The crust looks wonderful. I don’t like the soggy middle, however authentic it is.

Yes, Googling the phrase has yielded all manner of urban delights!

Basically he's trying to dance around saying it's a money grab and pizza shouldn't be $100+ pp.

yeh, no desire to go here.


Why not? I'm at least curious to see what all the fuss is about. Can't say I remember too much about the one visit I made to the original location where Motorino is now.


But yeah, I'm more excited to check out the Joe & Pat's that replaced Lanza's.

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The last time we were at Motorino, the Margherita pizza we had was like eating soup with a crust. Feh! The photo joethefoodie posted of the one he had at UPN looks just like that. So even though we never made it to the previous UPN, I’ll not be schlepping to the LES to this revival.


Joe & Pat’s I am interested in trying since I really like thin-crust pizza. And it’s a relatively short walk from our apartment.

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I really liked the east village UPN and look forward to the new one, even though it will be hard to stomach feeding my kids $50 worth of pizza.


That's why you buy your kids Rosario's slices and let them watch you eat $50 worth of pizza.


ETA my two cents: this place is like a much better version of Bruno when it first opened. Which is to say, I miss the old UPN.

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My pizzas the other night were fantastic. I really missed this dough. I haven't been to Ops yet but this probably means I should get there asap. I thought the apps I had were only ok. Am I the only one dying for just a straight arugula salad with some lemon juice, olive oil, and parm? I feel like they should make it much more vegetal and simple with the apps, which I think others have said as well.


There's really no point in going until they have their license.

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UPN now has a license. I find the UPN pizza to be clearly different from the ones at Ops. The UPN center is wetter, the crust more chewy. For me, the Margherita suits the UPN style best. (My favorite pizza at Ops is the Pops.) I much preferred the dining room at the San Francisco UPN, which felt like you were in Italy, to the one on Orchard Street.

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