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Gabrielle Hamilton on Family Meal

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Well, I wouldn't have made that whole production for family meal, since when I had to, it was just me and whatever I could find in the walkins and dry storage, nobody else to sear off stuff and do all that frou frou. (I'm still waiting to see if my comment to that effect will be accepted.)


People just don't read the piece and recipes all that carefully, and are incapable of following the obvious links.

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Suzanne, you sure have my number! I seldom invest time reading the whole of either Sifton's or his guest's article, give the recipes only a cursory glance, might open the links but ignore most of their instruction. I just don't cook that way.


I would never consider making Hamilton's recipe. It's not the kind of stuff I serve to guests and, like the co-workers she criticizes, would never dedicate that kind of time to a (family) meal for two.


That said, and the point of my original post, I love reading her gritty kitchen critiques and her "damn the torpedoes" attitude. I found Prune a delightful read.

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