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Since a few of us now have subscriptions, I thought it might be worth starting a thread where we can compare notes.   Aptly, this month's package came just as I was finishing the local blend I bough

Have you seen this McDonald's ad? I sort of love it.     (I typoed that second sentence as "I sort of live it" at first. That is also a true statement.)

Reminds me of one of my favorite coffee snob stories. Back when stumptown had just started roasting in NYC, the organoleptic taster and I went to check it out.  I order my pourover. Asked if I wa

Try Joe Pro, Voyager, or Black Fox?


Joe Pro had a couple of their small lot bags retail with a March 20th roast date.


Voyager is much more likely to have honey or natural process beans, though.


Black Fox will never have naturals.

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their single origin beans are a lot better than their blends.


the espresso drinks at the park slope location are extremely inconsistent.

Blue Bottle's?


Would the inconsistency at the Park Slope location have more to do with the people making your espresso than the beans?


I buy single origins mostly for pour over, but find I like some blends more when using Silvia for espresso.

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n.b. this coffee is quite special (it's extremely dense) and the instructions above are way way off for most coffees even most CoE coffees so don't follow them unless you're making this coffee, which you probably aren't

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