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Rumors and speculation. Whither Romo?   https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/sports/wp/2017/02/08/from-tony-romo-to-colin-kaepernick-to-marijuana-a-primer-on-the-nfls-offseason/?utm_term=.1789f44b75

Agree 100%. Darling and Hernandez are terrific analysts and also happen to be tremendously entertaining.   BTW, Rich is one of the two people in the world who think the Mets broadcasters aren't grea


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Catching up with what's going on with trades, free agents etc. Congrats to the Giants who picked up Alabama's D.J. Fluker. He's a beast. Started in every game (27) in Bama's back to back National Championship seasons. Had a 98.6 blocking grade in 2012 :) . Another one of my favorites to pass through Tuscaloosa. Off the field he's a really good person who will do a lot of good charity work in the community. He "gets it", after one of the roughest childhoods you could imagine. Including actually living in a Ford Escort after Katrina for weeks with his Mom and 3 siblings. Hopefully he get back to the production he had in college and can work his way onto the staring roster up there.

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Tony Romo retires. Will move to CBS as an analyst.


I think he made the right decision. If he stayed healthy he still has the skills to be a very good QB but that's a big "if." He showed incredible class and maturity in the way he handled the move from starter to backup and his support of Prescott. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.


ESPN broke the story and included a detail that surprised me. They said Romo would replace Phil Simms as the top CBS analyst. No knock on Tony but he's never worked a game in the booth. Phil is very good and has showed no signs of slipping. Being a very good player doesn't always translate into being a solid analyst let alone a network's #1.

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AB loathes Simms, if I recall past posts.


Nothing wrong with loathing Simms (especially as an old 49ers' fan, I can get on that bus), but promoting Romo to Numero Uno means he sure must've had a great audition.


Must have made it thru the whole audition without dropping the microphone. :P

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Must have made it thru the whole audition without dropping the microphone. :P


Or throwing it into the hands of a cornerback.





After years of knocking Romo I changed my mind about him. It happened when he played a game with a couple of broken ribs. That had to be incredibly painful but he played well. I admired his courage.


Then I started watching him more closely. He was a very accurate passer (his career numbers bear that out) who sometimes threw critical interceptions late in games. The thing is those Dallas teams had shit running games. The game plan was Tony Throw The Ball All The Time. That has a way of catching up with you against good NFL defenses.


I looked at stats. In the early part of his career Romo had a good running game to fall back on. Top 5, maybe top 7. Not shabby at all. Then in the middle part of his career the Dallas running game fell to the bottom 25% of the league. Romo had to throw the ball all the time.


Then a few years ago Demarco Murray came along and Dallas led the league in rushing. Suddenly Romo looked terrific again. His INTs were way down because DBs weren't just dropping back waiting for him to throw and the DL couldn't rush him as much.


The same thing happened to Elway in Denver. He was a great QB whose arm was strong enough to get them into the playoffs but the team had no running game. Instead they had guys like the immortal Sammy Winder. In the playoffs defenses keyed on the receivers and their offense became less effective. When Denver finally gave Elway a running game he won 2 Superbowls.


The same thing happened to Dan Marino only Miami never managed to put together a running game for him.


Both Marino and Elway never threw as many INTs as Romo but then, they were Marino and Elway. Romo was merely a very good QB stuck on some flawed teams.

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