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Alpine NJ Car Enthusiast Provides Cars for Movies

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They had an interesting article in today's NJ Record about a NJ car collector named Jerry McSpirit who rents cars out to Movies and TV shows for about $500.00 a day. He makes a nice living off of it. His cars date back to 1925 and are in very high demand.


"His period cars have starred in more than 500 films, including "Fences," "A Beautiful Mind," "Raging Bull," "The French Connection," "Endless Love," "Analyze This," "Men In Black" and "The Godfather."


"Among the television shows that have featured his cars are "Taxi," "Gotham," "Unsolved Mysteries," "30 Rock" and "Saturday Night Live," he said.


"He pointed to a rusty red 1949 Ford pickup truck, covered in snow. "That's the 'Sanford and Son' pickup. It's my luckiest vehicle," he said. "It's made me so much money." After "Sanford & Son," a sitcom about the misadventures of a junk dealer and his son, the truck was used in a variety of commercials, including for Levi's, McDonald's and Burger King."




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