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So, a little more on this from what I know personally. The event going on at the time of the sting is something I have been to may times over the years (except this year, when I had to nurse the SO through his knee replacement). It's the adidas Summer Championship. All the top AAU basketball teams participate. And those teams are filled with pretty much all the up and coming high school basketball talent. All the top college coaches (and their staffs) attend. They are not allowed to have contact with the players or their parents. But show their faces at their top recruit targets' games. I go and watch as many games as I can, both to see what the future may hold for Bama, and just to enjoy he incredible basketball being played. While sitting in the stands with the AAU coaches, parents and shoe companies, the things I heard shocked even me. And after all these years being involved in athletics, that is a very, very hard thing to do.


The AAU coaches are worse than any of these coaches by far. Listening to them talking with the shoe guys was like listening to an auction. I am really amazed the Feds aren't all over these sleazes. They are basically the ones who are brokering the deals and selling the players. I will be very interested to see if that is the next "shoe" to drop 😏🤑. The sad thing is this may very well end up with a lot of the top talent that are great players, but not quite NBA ready out of high school, heading overseas to play, rather than going to college. So we all lose.


I would pay good money to sit and listen to the stories that come in on the tip line. I know one of the Bama beat writers relatively well. He's already planning to file an FOIA request. Going to get very interesting I suspect.

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I was a six foot tall kid in Jr H.S. & never grew another inch. Several friends did, however, and continued to play thru HS, then college. Two made it to the NBA, several more to Europe. This was 1967-70 & I guarantee you that the new sneakers were not the extent of the newfound wealth some of them magically possessed. Do you think that anyone thought that they had won the lottery or were successful drug dealers on the side?


This has been going on forever. However, like most things, it's become more & more efficient & business like. Why else would there be so many wealthy AAU coaches (& staff)? We need to get over thinking that there is any amateur sport in our country.

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Man (sr. Assoc. AD for hoops) down in Tuscaloosa. Not going to face criminal charges...(should be charged for being criminally stupid though). Lost a $300K + job all for $15k for introducing a player's dad to a financial advisor.

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