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Single Malts for Burns Night

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I was trying to look up what Mongo thought about this whisky I bought on a flier, and found this commentary on Mongo on the website of the producer:



A couple of annoying posts on the subject of the mighty Octomore from a blogger who foists "My Annoying Opinions" on the world. The first relates to the Octomore 2.1, which at its release date was the most heavily peated whisky the world had seen, with a subsequent examination of '4.2 Comus'. While Comus is still available, Octomore 2.1 sold out very quickly.


If the truth be told, the reviews are only a little bit annoying. They do annoyingly point out that Octomore bottles don't fit neatly onto your average whisky collection shelf, and that you cannot see when the bottle is nearly empty (or nearly full for that matter) in the 2.1. Well, there you go. Life is full of surprises, and it would be dull if they were all pleasant. We think the bottles are beautiful.


'My Annoying Opinions' are actually very well written. The prose flows in a read-more-of-me style which suggests an author well used to the clack of a keyboard. The observations are perceptive and useful, if a little cutting at times. There is also the suggestion of a depth of experience within the chosen subject which shows through in both the standard of commentary and the breadth of whiskies examined. So this is good stuff. The anonymous contributor may be a little rude about us from time to time, but we don't mind. We are quite happy to live with that...


It is also encouraging to see bloggers write things like: "far too many blogs function as an informal marketing arm of the whisky industry". Because that's true.


It is also good to be clear about what a blogger's relationship with the whisky industry is and there is no messing about on this front. His opinions may be annoying, but it is good to read that: "I myself do not solicit samples from the industry or review unsolicited samples". Which is a shame in a way, because we would like to send him some. We value his opinions. But it is also reassuring.

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