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london whisky

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this will be of limited interest to actual londoners but non-londoners interested in whisky will be excited to know that it's not just cheese shops that i've been taking pictures of. a couple of weeks ago i posted a virtual tour of the whisky exchange's swanky store in covent garden. today's installment covers the royal mile whiskies london outpost in bloomsbury and the vintage house in soho. and back in august i'd posted a look at cadenhead's, milroy's and hedonism (plus a quick glance at berry bros. & rudd*). between the whisky stores and the cheese, london is pretty much an ideal city for me.


actual londoners who know of quirky smaller stores and bars with interesting whisky selections should point me to those as well.

*when i was there in august they'd had a plumbing disaster which had caused the whisky part of the shop to be shut down for a few days. i'll be going back for a proper look soon.

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This is delightful for ex-Londoners too.


Okay, I am going back years so do research, but there was this cute snug bar in the Athenaeum hotel, very near you, which was a malt whisky bar. A lot of tartan.


I used to go there at lunch occasionally to taste a nip or two. Which now amazes me.

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as per the hotel's website it appears that it's a new bar now and much shinier/snazzier but retains "The Athenaeum’s famous whisky collection". Seems likely to be expensive though. Will peep in if I pass by.

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