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next time i go to frasca i am telling them i have a "relationship" with the h's--let's see how many degrees of separation work.


Oh, fear not, you have a relationship. I invoked you when I mentioned that I had been denied! All is remedied and happy, so feel free also to claim the "friend of cheese" association.


By the way, it doesn't get me a table any faster either, but it does bump me on the waitlist, I suspect.

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The Birthday dinner was a complete success. I do believe that every single server in the restaurant came over to wish him a happy birthday (they must have announced it in pre-service). Birthday boy chose the polenta and the pork belly. Sister had 1/2 orders of the polenta and the lamb and the Hs gorged on the veal for two. They have a new preparation for the veal with roasted tomatos and a quenelle ( oval shaped blob = quenelle, yes?) of house made mozzerella (unless they get it from Cheesemonger?) that is outstanding. If you are able to dine there with a like minded compatriot that will share the veal with you, it is truly outstanding. The polenta is like no other polenta dish I have had, it is more like a cream of polenta soup with onions. I really love this dish.

I still am not in love with most of the desserts. Birthday boy had the chocolate plate, with a variety of chocalates including a spoonful of Valrhona crumbles and Sister had the Frasca version of a peanut butter cup that she loved despite not liking peanut butter, so go figure.

I believe they have single handedly revolutionized Boulder dining in one important way, Mongo and Mrs. mongo will no longer be lone diners at 9:30pm at least not at Frasca. It was a Tuesday night, the place was packed, and many were sitting down to start their meal at 9pm (we left at 10 and it looked like the staff had a long night ahead of them).


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Yea, verily I report back from my Early-bird special at Frasca.


We arrived at the 5:30 opening (since we had no reservations, we only decided to go last week sometime), and secured two seats on the east end of the bar. My companion formerly owned a wine bar in New Orleans, so he was reluctant to give up the control of accepting Bobby's recommendations, but he was persuaded, and happily so.


We had the Polenta for the appetizer, with a lovely Tocai blend (not the one they usually serve as the Tajut) as a pairing. This dish was wonderful, and this is the point that he (date) relinquished control of needing to do his own wine pairing, after appreciating that he might not have made the same choice, this was a good one.


Dinner was: For me- the Pork Belly, and I promise, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it but for one thing. He got the Lamb Saddle. Paired with the Barolo (that Bobby poured early so that it could breathe), I lusted over his choice, and my Pork Belly paled in comparison. Date offered to order me the lamb also, and have me take the belly home, but I'm not that much of a brat. I did have to stop sneaking bites off of his plate, however, since this one-way sharing just didn't seem fair.


We are not dessert people, so we skipped that, and opted instead to come home and sit on the porch and enjoy a nice Cabernet that he brought.


All in all- a wonderful time, but I still wish I had gotten the lamb. He briefly entertained getting the meatball, however, but I think he could detect a lack of enthusiam on my part, and he choose very well- sorry Mongo.

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I propose that we all meet at the bar, early one day, order the "damn meatball", and disect the sucker.

Great thought Fred. I'm in. Name the day. But what do we drink with the meatball?

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Great thought Fred. I'm in. Name the day. But what do we drink with the meatball?

I say water. But then I don't drink alcohol...


Maybe a nice 2005 Vernors, if they have it.

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All this meatball talk . . I have visions of one giant meatball and that kids song about a giant meatball.


(sung to the tune of On Top of Ole Smoky--)


On top of Spaghetti, all covered with cheese,

I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed.


It rolled off the table, and onto the floor,

And then my poor meatball rolled out of the door.


It rolled down the garden, and under a bush,

And then my poor meatball was nothing but mush!


The mush was as tasty, as tasty could be,

And then the next summer it grew into a tree.


The tree was all covered, all covered with moss,

And on it grew meatballs, all covered with sauce.


So if you have spaghetti, all covered with cheese,

Hold onto your meatball, 'cause someone might sneeze. :)



I can't recall if you already did,but can you describe the meatball presentation and composition in greater detail? For example,

size: baseball, tennis ball, squash ball. Approx diameter?

composition: all meat? bread crumbs of some sort, chopped vegetables. What is in this meatball?

plating: in a bowl, on a plate, en brodo, in a sauce. .


Would you eat in in a plane? would you eat it on a train? would you eat it on a sandwich? would you eat it like a manwich? etc etc.


I'd go with you, but its sounds like ya'all are gonna make a scene dissecting the meatball and by association with you, I may lose my "special relationship" status and never be able to get a table again.

Just kidding, I'm in. My suggestion is that we all show up at around 5:30 one evening, get seats at the bar, pretend we don't know each other and all "coincidentally" order the meatball!

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Now this would be fun! There are only 6 seats at the main bar, so if more than 6 want to participate in the Great Meatball Experiment of '05, then the overflow would have to go to the salumi bar (4 seats, right?).


The bar area always seems to be busier on Mondays (wine dinners) and the weekends (with people waiting outside the door before 5:30). PLEASE not this Thursday though, as we're going to a wine dinner @ Q's. I'm also in the Tech Center this week at a class (ugh), but I was able to make it home by 5 today.

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shurely bolderite can swing some "reserved" walk-in seats for us...


i can't do this thursday either but am in for any other evening. i feel that since i have already sampled the meatball i should be the only one who gets the lamb (which i adored at my birthday dinner).

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