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So, last Friday, thanks to rlm and her IH (imaginary husband), I had may what may be the best frasca-ing yet. Everything just *worked*, everyone was upbeat, on their game, it was all warm and wonderful.


to start: Squash Blossoms. Crispy and light, filled with goat cheese. So good we ordered 4 orders for the 3 of us. A pair to share became a second pair. This was paired with the Vie di Romans Tocai that we love.


The IH got no appetizer, rlm the Corn Chowder (don't see it on the menu), and I got the new manifestation of the Zlikrofi (Veal, Fontina, Bing Cherries). With the squash blossoms, and waiting for the IH, we were out of the Tocai, so we got tajuts of things paired for our apps. rlm was served the Coppo 2004 Chardonnay "Costebianche" Piemonte, and I received the San Pietro 2005 Schiava, which was perfect for the bing cherries in the Zlikrofi. rlm's chard brought out the corn in her chowder beautifully.


The main courses, and the accompanying wine were the big toe-curling event. rlm and I got the shaved pork, description from the menu: Long Family Farm Shaved Leg of Pork, with Roasted Potatoes, Palisade Peaches and Pancetta Vinagrette. I wasn't sure of what to expect (as often happens when I try something new at the temple), and it was a beautiful, graceful pile of tender shaved pork with the other ingredients just enhancing the whole thing. rlm got the same, and the IH got the Risotto with cantaloupe.


I hardly have the words for how much I enjoyed the pork. And, I might add, it was a very generous portion. But, the kicker was the wine that the charming Mr. Stuckey chose for us. rlm said she wanted something wacky, and after a few suggestions, Bobby came up with the Damijan.


Damijan "Kaplia" Gorizia, Friuli. Veeery interesting. This is a white that mascerates the skins with the fruit, resulting in a thicker appearance than a "usual" white, almost opaque. Smells richly of apricots, but- shock!- dry on the palate. A more perfect pairing with the pork and peaches I have difficulty imagining. I was practically doing a little dance on my chair as I ate. Okay, I think I did do a little dance on my chair, with head bobbing.


All in all, a fantastic dinner, and of epic timing. rlm arrived at 5:30 to secure the bar seats, I was next at around 5:45, and the IH had the long commute, so he was last. We left somewhere around 10 pm. rlm felt guilty about holding onto the seats all evening. I felt no guilt at all, but I was having too good of a time to care.


And about the service- something must have been in the water, because while I always expect flawless service, there was something just magic about that night. Everyone seemed happy, effusive, or maybe I was just projecting. All in all, a fantastic culinary experience, and I really felt the "neighborhood restaurant" idea, with all the love that implies.

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Lachlan's in the article on pickling in the Daily Camera today:

Summer Cure


Sous chef Wyoann Lardeux (Who? I thought his sous was Steve Redzikowski) is in the Post's article on August's best gift:

Monthly Harvest-Peaches


And this doesn't really fit in this thread, but I have to link it because it's so funny:

Slips of the tongue and other joys in France

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Too bad he's already gone but it's still nice to see him get props...Nate Ready was named one of the Best New Sommeliers in the October Wine & Spirits magazine that I just received in the mail (it still shows him as having a Frasca association). Other winners are Tony Cha of Michael Mina in SF, Joseph Sauerwein of Alize in Vegas, William Moss of Sensei in Vegas, and Nelson Daquip of Canlis in Seattle.

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we'll be at frasca tonight (a late table). a little disappointed to see that there hasn't been much movement in the entrees as per the sep 12 menu currently listed online--everything seems more or less what we saw in early august. however, the new rabbit version of the canederli is calling to me, as are the anchovies in the salumi section.

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a fine meal at frasca last night with 3 other people (all first-timers to frasca). the table got the frico caldo and the salumi platter to start. other apps included the zucchini custard for me, the new version of the zlikrofi for mrs. jones and the yellowtail crudi. mains included a couple of orders of the seabass, the 21 orders, the capon breast and an order of the polenta from the primi section. everybody was well pleased with their food.


the things i ate: the zucchini custard was a lot better than it might sound--the custard/flan itself was not strikingly flavourful, more a texture thing but the whole came together very nicely with the foamy stuff surrounding it. mrs. jones' zlikrofi were far better than the version i had early last month and helped her get over the absence of any kind of canederli on the menu. my fish was perfectly cooked--my first time getting fish as an entree at frasca and i was not disappointed. the vegetable salad that accompanied was also excellent and a perfect match, with its pickled/marinated flavours. but as much as i liked my fish i wished i'd ordered mrs. jones's poached capon breast. luckily, she couldn't finish it and i had the best of both worlds. the 21 orders received rave reviews; i did not hear from the polenta person.


desserts: we wanted the chocolate-coconut torte but they were out. settled for the pear tart instead and it was excellent, just excellent.


wine: we were poured tajuts of the tocai friuliano to start; we then moved onto a bottle of kofererhof sylvaner and for the life of me i can't remember what the second was--a friulian white (maybe the bastianich vespa?). bobby recommended that we go the two white route and it worked very well. they also very generously laid on some amaro to end, and as usual we staggered out of the restaurant. somewhere along the way we also acquired frasca t-shirts--perhaps as a result of my ribbing benjamin about his newly suited status.


it was an extremely pleasurable meal as always. there were some awkward moments at the beginning, caused by some confusions on the part of members of our company--all handled very graciously by bobby.


on our next visit, however, i am going to order a little differently. as much as i've enjoyed our last two meals i'd have to say that very little of what i've ordered turned out to be robustly flavoured. this could just be an accident of my ordering but i wonder if the menu is not tending recently towards subtler flavours and unexpected combinations. next time i'm going for whatever the 21 orders pasta is. that is, if the pork tenderloin and the lamb don't reappear.

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