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The latest data is out. Although the SMB exploit does work against XP, it was primarily 7 that was infected (due to a bug in the work that kept it from propagating on XP - the actual vulnerability was the same in XP and 7). You were safe if you were running 8 or 10. Again, update your OS' people.





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peter, did you mean to attach that picture of a scantily clad woman to your post? (some people might find it offensive.)

careful what kind of porn sites you visit, peter!

Nathan, the webpage showed the relative numbers/percentages of users of all the Windows OSs. You focused on the XP users and, yes, you are correct there are millions of them.


Many people can't change their OS due to reasons such as finances, hardware compatibility, software packages, geographic factors, etc., etc. In my case, my IBM XP remains at the beach where it is hooked up and used relatively infrequently. And it is not linked with any other PCs on a network. It has served well for a very long time. MS provided a patch for XPs.


You are making some valid points albeit with very strong words. No one is questioning that XP is vulnerable. Sometimes trade-offs enter into the considerations.


If it's okay to ask, what position are you in that makes you feel so acutely about this issue?

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seriously though, this was an SMB exploit that only affected people running Windows XP (which isn't even supported anymore) and Windows 7 (if they weren't running updates/installing patches). None of you should still be using those OS' at home. (As I type this on a government computer running Windows 7 (at least it's patched albeit half the internet doesn't work)).


keep your operating systems up to date and use two factor authentication on your accounts. That will protect you the vast vast majority of the time.


Apparently WannaCry would not be able to infect any Windows XP machines unless executed locally, making it the safest OS around. :P

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