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NYC: A BBQ Paradise?

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We finally got to Hometown last night with some friends and had a chance to sample quite a few of their meats. They were out of sausage. With the admission that we are not BBQ people in general, I'd still like to say that we loved Franklin when we were in Austin, I really appreciated the meat at Fletcher's whenever we've been (although we're biased due to friendship with Matt, I'd just keep my mouth shut if we didn't really like his food), I've liked Dinosaur & Fette Sau the few times I've been & Hill Country was lovable during its initial years. So, all this by way of me saying that we didn't love most of what we had at Hometown and would probably go back to any of the above before returning here. The beef rib's meat was good but the ratio of fat to meat was way too high. The jerk spiced ribs were good, the basic ribs ok, but the brisket was almost tasteless/flavorless. Of course I had some chicken & it was good enough. The chicken itself was just ok but the spicing was very good and saved it. Good corn bread, beans, cole slaw, collards & mac n cheese. We didn't get any potato salad, as it looked as bad as everyone here says it was. Nice enough beer selection. Overall, I'd give it an "ehh".

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9 hours ago, bloviatrix said:

Izzy’s has opened. Look at this luscious smoked pastrami. 

They do a nice job; I've been to the OG a few times. Are they doing the smoking on the UWS, or bringing it over from Brooklyn?

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My guess is they’re doing the smoking in Brooklyn. But I’m not sure. Yesterday was day 2 of business. I normally wouldn’t go anywhere so early on, but I walked by and they weren’t slammed so I figured I’d stop in. I also picked up their smoked fried chicken sandwich which was very messy to eat -the bun disintegrated.


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1 hour ago, rozrapp said:

One has to be a subscriber in order to read the entire article which I am not.  

So interesting. It wasn't behind a paywall earlier, which is why I was able to access it. But now it is.

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