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It remains unclear who is behind this cyberattack. Like the WannaCry attacks in May, the hack on Tuesday takes over computers and demands digital ransom from their owners to regain control.


Computer experts were calling the virus Petya, and said that it was similar to the WannaCry attack, which spread quickly across much of Asia and Europe. Others cautioned, however, that it could be yet another type of ransomware.



New Cyberattack

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I've been getting pop ups all day urging me to download a critical patch for FireFox. There's nothing on the FF site, and it says my updates are current.


I clicked on the HTTPS,symbol which tells me the identity of the patch's publisher is guaranteed by iwanttoholdyourtits, which doesn't strike me as a symantec, veritas, etc level guarantor

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be more concerned about the NYC Subway losing almost 40% of its service because of a single derailment. And all because a worker failed to store a loose rail properly - REALLY!!!

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