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Rockaway Beach, Queens

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3 hours ago, Steve R. said:

Its on the border of Roxbury & Breezy Point.  And, yes, you worded it very nicely as "exclusive", but not due to wealth/cost.

"Brighton Private" Beach Club, at the end of Coney Island Ave (where the massive co-op/condo community now stands) was also "exclusive".


Yes, when I was a kid we lived in Far Rockaway and my father had retired from a 27 year career in the army. He and my mother looked at homes to purchase in the Rockaways and were unable to do so, because every place was "exclusive" regardless of price. They had planned a cash purchase, in an area where most people struggled to qualify for a mortgage, so it should have been an easy purchase for a federal law enforcement officer and his family.

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Unfortunately, that may well be true.   Happy birthday young (& still very energetic... to say the least) Daniel.

He certainly didn't keep anything approaching regular hours when he was in Rockaway proper.

When things are "normal", this place is packed.  Friends have had cabanas there forever and we stop by once or so a year to hang out.  Its a slice of old Brooklyn, warts and all.

I will tell you what my friend, the beach life is a good life.. And the best beach is Silver Gulf Beach Resort.. Went yesterday afternoon and there were very little people..  This time I brought friends, umbrellas, chairs, blankets,  various vegan salads, we purchased a watermelon from the side of the road, we brought a radio, some shovels, the only thing I didn't have was booze and a habachi... However, a whole new world of coolers have opened up to me... Apparently, yeti is like the hummer of coolers.. Who ever needed a cooler outside of soaking pig in brine.. 

We arrived yesterday, I started to pay better attention to the people that were there.. Definitely some old school cougers smoking butts and chatting away.. .There was a grouping of like 15 people sitting right up front.. There is a pier or a dock and some people were sitting right by that.. It was strange, a huge open beach and these people are clustered together.. There was another group of 12 with an american flag.. They didn't have an umbrella, lots of chairs and they took the time to hoist an american flag.. It was flag day but, would they do that next weekend?  One old dude with a trump hat wearing shorts, socks and shoes walking along the beach.. I didn't see if he was with the flag folks.  But that was it, after a small grouping it was just open beach.. Our kids screamed and ran and no one was bothered..  

After the beach we did a loop around Breezy Point.. That place is so freaking weird and strange and looks like a military compound of some sort..    

Anyway, I can't stress enough how great this find is..   Also, I am bracing myself for that one shitty day when the beach is fully packed with the regulars and we are never going to return. 

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6 hours ago, Steve R. said:

From what I’ve heard, the parking is now only $10, right?

I dont know about parking but, it's 15 a head for adults and 5 for kids for the beach and they haven't charged me parking.. free parking, i guess. 

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