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We have old recommendation threads but seems time for a new one. I do get to Boston every couple of years, but looking back it's been day trips (last here in snowstorm same day as Patriots victory parade, yay), to stay with friends, or family related.


Have a few days here coming up. What's currently worthwhile? As always, would be interested in somewhere peaceful and grown-up for dinner. Fool that I am.

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What area do you usually stay in?

Is there an interest in splitting off the recent posts about Quebecois, New Orleans, and meta-Boston into a new thread?   [/admin]

By grown up I'm assuming you mean more high end? I have very little experience there but cinghiale is right and any Barbara Lynch restaurant is sure to be good. I went to No. 9 many years ago (maybe over a decade) so I can't remember details. The Butcher Shop was also really good as was B+G Oysters. B+G is about a 20 minute walk from Back Bay and is in a pretty neighborhood. I think the Butcher Shop is right across the street so you could conceivably do seafood apps and then move on to meat. If you haven't been to Formaggio Kitchen that is close to B+G and worth a look if you want to buy some cheese to take away.


Personally I think Boston excels in seafood and beer so that is where I'd concentrate my energy.


Row 34 is a favorite and they also have Trillium beer on tap. Trillium close to impossible to find in NYC and is known as one of the best breweries in the US.


I'll keep thinking...

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Too bad you can't go the Riviera and ask around.


You've lost me there.



I think Sneak is refering to Riviera, the bar in the Village that has been a home to fans of Boston sports teams.


Anyway, I've always found Boston to be pretty walkable, and their subway/trolley system seems not much worse than New York's. The hardest part (for me) was getting quickly from the Fens to Cambridge--not fun to walk over the Mass. Ave. bridge in pouring rain. But you can't expect that to be all the time.

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Funny, I guess Boston is kind of "too close." My last three visits in reverse order:


  • Day trip on business (snowstorm), casual lunch near someone's office.
  • Afternoon there (freezing cold) on the way to stay with friends outside Boston; late lunch in Durgin Park.
  • Overnight trip to see family member at a college event, dinner somewhere not chosen by me.

I've been better at adding recreation time to Philadelphia trips.

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There you go. What's the lever there? What is it being applied to? Leverage the trips with what?


Me adding a day to the trip isn't a lever.


Compare: "I leveraged my six day break into a full week by adding a seventh day." There's no leverage going on there. Just because it's grammatically plausible doesn't make it correct.

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