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Since this is a specific and recurring kind of annoyance, at least for me as my brain enters its twilight years, I thought I'd start a separate thread for it.


Where did I put the backpack I use for marketing? It isn't where it goes. I know I brought it back from the Greenmarket this morning, because I unloaded my purchases into my refrigerator. But then where did I put the backpack? (Yes, I looked in my refrigerator.)


How could I lose a fucking backpack? Where could I have put it that can't be seen?

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We were all getting along so nicely, too...     /admin

Given that the heat index in Houston today was 102, I'd think you'd welcome some climate change.

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When I can't find something kitchen related, I look in the microwave. Works for my coffee mug, tea pot, soup bowl and dishwashing sponges. Fortunately I've never found my glasses or keys there.


And doesn't it make you swear when you can't find your cel phone and have its ringer turned off? @#$$%

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I have considered this loss of vital items issue. There are several categories that go missing with great frequency. These are:

1) keys of all sorts;

2) prescription glasses, reading glasses and sun glasses;

3) cell phones, chargers, charger cords, etc.

Naturally, the common sense solution is to always put these items in the same spot each and every time.

As for a backpack, there is clearly no rational excuse for losing such a large item. This is why when my backpack turned up missing several years ago I theorized that I had lent it to someone who had not been kind enough to return it to me. About 18 months later I found it while searching for something else in my attic.

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I think the Mouthfuls generation may have many examples to contribute.


I like it when I have to feel my face to see if I'm wearing my glasses.


(I have different vision out of each eye, so for boring reasons it's explicable, but still.)

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I had that this morning while emptying the dishwasher. I knew I had put the handle for one of the silicone spatulas down somewhere. But could not find it to reassemble. Looked under towels to the left of the sink, towel to the right of the sink. The basket of the dishdrain. Where, where, where? Of course, there it was, on the ledge right in front of the sink--where its white had blended in with the countertop. Is that excusable? Please??


This is just a subset of Dingbat of the Day, no?

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I once lost a kouign amann. I had returned from Tokyo with a lot of goodies, and the next day, I couldn't find the kouign amann. About a week later, I found it in a plastic bag which I had put away. It wasn't as fresh, but I still ate it (who am I to throw away kouign amann?).


At work I am constantly losing the key for my desk drawers and cupboards. And I usually find it hanging from one of the locks of said drawers and cupboards.

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